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Guide to Friction, Wear, and Erosion Testing

  • Book
  • B-ASTM-005
  • ISBN 978-0-8031-6249-5
Published January 01, 2007 by ASTM in United States
Guide to Friction, Wear, and Erosion Testing
  • English
  • 141 pages
No other book provides the details of how to conduct tribotests, including their implications, how to avoid pitfalls, and which are most useful. This manual describes the many manifestations of friction wear and erosion and suggests specific tests that can be used to address problems. It gives guidance in determining if bench tests are appropriate for a problem and if so, which ones should be considered. Manual 56 is an excellent resource for newcomers to tribology and a useful reference for practicing tribologists. Important features: o Describes 112 ASTM standards that apply to tribology problems o Contains schematics on 154 tribotesting devices o Contains 48 photos of worn parts to help readers identify wear modes o Contains more than 100 charts and line drawings presenting test results and trends o Touches on every aspect of tribotesting o Contains case histories of tribology problems that were solved by bench testing o Discusses alternates to testing, such as modeling and simulations o Addresses newer types of tribotests for nano and bio applications o And much more! Thirteen chapters cover: o Identification of Different Types of Wear 1 o Alternatives to Testing: Modeling/Simulation o Methodology/Test Selection o Abrasive Wear Testing o Adhesive Wear Testing o Plastic/Elastomer Wear o Lubricated Wear Tests o Fretting Tests o Rolling Wear, Impact Wear, and Surface Fatigue Testing o Erosion Testing o Types of Friction and Friction Testing o Micro, Nano, and Bio Tribotests