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A Whole New Engineer

  • Book
  • B-975
  • ISBN 978-0-9860800-0-5
Published October 01, 2014 by ThreeJoy Associates, Inc. in United States
A Whole New Engineer
  • English
  • 288 pages

This book tells the improbable stories of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and the iFoundry incubator at the University of Illinois. That either one survived is story enough, but what they found out together changes the course of education transformation forever: • How trust is key to unleashing young, courageous engineers. • How engineers need to move from a narrow technical education to one that actively engages six minds. • How emotion and culture-not content, curriculum & pedagogy-are the crucial elements of change. • How all stakeholders can collaborate to disrupt the status quo. A Whole New Engineer is a book that seriously looks at the coming revolution in engineering. Each chapter tells engaging stories which help the reader understand the depth of expected change: Engineering Happiness - The Olin Experience The Incubator - Helping a Big Old Dog Learn New Tricks The Spirit of Invention - Recapturing the Inspiration of Engineering Education The Whole New Engineer - Engaging the 6 Minds The Emotional Breakthrough - 5 Pillars of Transformation The Whole New Learner - From Carrots and Sticks to Intrinsic Motivation The Whole New Professor - From Expert to Coach The Whole New Culture - From Classrooms and Curriculum to Culture Changing the Way We Change - From Bureaucracy to Change Management An Invitation to Collaborative Disruption