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Math Anxiety Relief for Nearly Everyone

  • Book
  • B-931
  • ISBN 978-0-615-50540-4
Published March 01, 2012 by STEM Books, LLC in United States
Math Anxiety Relief for Nearly Everyone
  • English
  • 276 pages
This is a book for people wanting to learn the language of Science, Technology, and Engineering, and is intended to complement traditional text books in Mathematics. It puts the fun back into mathematics by demystifying confusing symbols and terminology – Think of this book as your personal journey leading to an eventual understanding of calculus, using everyday language to introduce new concepts in small manageable steps. Extensive use of color diagrams, pictures, and graphs are used throughout the book. Microsoft Excel is introduced early to show how mathematics can be made visual. Excel’s hidden equation solving talents are revealed. What to expect from this title: • Part I – Numbers, constants, and variables, the components of equations. • Part II – Equations for the line, circle, and other geometries frequently encountered are presented. • Part III – Solving many equations simultaneously, the basic of matrix algebra. • Part IV – Equations and graphs of interest. • Part V – Slopes and areas, the basics of differential and integral calculus. An introduction to differential equations. This book is intended for: • Anyone who understands many of the laws of nature but needs to brush up on the mathematics that describes these laws. • Anyone who wants to get a quick introduction into calculus. • Students who want to pursue studies in STEM but are currently taking non-degree developmental courses in order to prepare for degree-granting mathematics courses. • Students who need to bridge the gap between non-calculus and calculus-based courses.