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Real Lean: Learning the Craft of Lean Management, Vol 4

  • Book
  • B-910
  • ISBN 978-0-9722591-7-0
Published October 01, 2008 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
Real Lean: Learning the Craft of Lean Management, Vol 4
  • English
  • 139 pages
"Real Lean" (Volume 4) shows how Lean management is itself a craft that can only be learned as any other craftsman would learn their trade. This unique perspective creates a much clearer impression of what executives need to do in order to become Lean leaders. Their learning must be much deeper than they might have imagined, but the result will be much better than they would have expected. As with prior Volumes of Real Lean , Volume Four emphasizes Lean as a management system and the “Respect for People” principle, because both are so often missing from the practice of Lean management. Topics Covered Include: • Ten Thousand Hours • Learn Lean When Times Are Good • Learning to Think • Let's Stop Making the Same Mistake • Don't Aim Low • The Eighth Waste • The Other Information System • One Step Forward, Eleven Back • The Ethical Management System • Policies for Learning • Eleven Questions • Emiliani's Rules