An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation

  • Book
  • B-899
  • ISBN 978-1-84407-664-2
Published 2010-05-01by Earthscan Publications Ltd. in United States
An Introduction to Sustainable Transportation
  • English
  • 400 pages

This essential multi-authored work reflects a new sustainable transportation planning paradigm. The authors draw on considerable teaching and researching experience to present an essential, ground-breaking and authoritative text. It explores the concepts of sustainable development and sustainable transportation, describes practical techniques for comprehensive evaluation, provides tools for multi-modal transport planning, and presents innovative mobility management solutions to transportation problems. Students of various disciplines, planners, policymakers and concerned citizens will find many of its provocative ideas and approaches of considerable value as they engage in the processes of understanding and changing transportation towards greater sustainability. This text reflects a fundamental change in transportation decision making. It focuses on accessibility rather than mobility, emphasizes the need to expand the range of options and impacts considered in analysis, and provides practical tools to determine the best solution to the transportation problems facing a community. Features of this book: • Extensive international examples • Case-studies • Textboxes • Graphics • Recommended reading • End of chapter questions