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A Study on Trigger of Disc Brake Squeal Generation

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3995, e-ISSN: 1946-4002
Published September 27, 2015 by SAE International in United States
A Study on Trigger of Disc Brake Squeal Generation
Citation: Nishiwaki, M. and Misumi, R., "A Study on Trigger of Disc Brake Squeal Generation," SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars - Mech. Syst. 8(4):1179-1187, 2015,
Language: English


It is well known that disc brake squeal is often caused by high friction coefficient pad materials. Disc brake squeal is caused by dynamic unstable system under small disturbance of friction force variation. Today, disc brake squeal comes to be simulated by FEA, but it is very difficult to put so many dynamic unstable solutions into stable solutions. Therefore it is very important to make it clear the influence of friction force variation.
This paper describes a study on trigger of disc brake squeal generation. First, the development of experimental set-up for disc brake squeal basic research and experimental results are described. Second, the equation of motion in disc brake squeal is derived and the vibration induced by small disturbance are analyzed. Furthermore, kinetic energy increase per 1 cycle in minute vibration are calculated, which represents the influence of friction and wear between disc and pad with caliper. Based on this analysis, trigger of disc brake squeal generation is considered.