Innovative wing structure contributes to Clean Sky next-gen aircraft

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  • 16MEIP06_16
Published June 01, 2016 by SAE International in United States
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GKN Aerospace announced earlier this year that it has delivered wing components as part of a major research program to test and measure the benefits of natural laminar flow (NLF) designs during trials on the wing of a flight test aircraft. The Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe (BLADE) project is part of the Clean Sky Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft (SFWA) program, an extensive, 50% European Union-funded, multi-partner activity aimed at lowering fuel consumption and emissions by reducing drag on next-generation.

“The SFWA BLADE program is allowing us to progress innovative technologies, concepts and capabilities with the potential to bring about a step change in aircraft fuel consumption,” said Russ Dunn, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology at GKN Aerospace.