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Future of Autonomous High-Mobility Military Systems

Journal Article
ISSN: 2574-0741, e-ISSN: 2574-075X
Published October 19, 2020 by SAE International in United States
Future of Autonomous High-Mobility Military Systems
Citation: Bayrak, A., Gorsich, D., and Epureanu, B., "Future of Autonomous High-Mobility Military Systems," SAE Intl. J CAV 3(3):205-215, 2020,
Language: English


Autonomy has the potential to make the most radical impact by significantly reducing the number of soldiers in harm’s way and changing the military paradigm. Benefits of autonomy to improve the Army’s mission capabilities and the rapid evolution of military systems exerts pressure to develop these systems quickly. Since the associated technological development is highly fast paced and stochastic, approaches that develop systems for stochastic future scenarios are required. In this article we present a vision for the autonomous high-mobility military systems for that future. We discuss the ramifications of autonomy in five areas: (1) fleet organization, (2) physical attributes of high-mobility military systems, (3) individual behaviors of autonomous assets, (4) interactions between humans and autonomous systems, and (5) operation and teaming strategies. We present the future vision, implications, requirements, and technological challenges for each of the five areas.