Summary of Poster Abstracts

Journal Article
ISSN: 2327-5626, e-ISSN: 2327-5634
Published September 20, 2023 by SAE International in United States
Summary of Poster Abstracts
Citation: Mueller, B., Bautsch, B., and Mansfield, J., "Summary of Poster Abstracts," SAE Int. J. Trans. Safety 11(2):273-285, 2023,
Language: English


Eighteen research posters were prepared and presented by student authors at the 18th Annual Injury Biomechanics Symposium. The posters covered a wide breadth of works-in-progress and recently completed projects. Topics included a variety of body regions and injury scenarios such as:
  • Head: Defining the mass, center of mass, and anatomical coordinate system of the pig head and brain; the influence of friction on oblique helmet testing; validation of an in-ear sensor for measuring head impact exposure in American football
  • Neck and spine: Design of paramedic mannequin neck informed by adult passive neck stiffness and range of motion data; identifying injury from flexion-compression loading of porcine lumbar intervertebral disc
  • Thorax: Tensile material properties of costal cartilage perichondrium; finite element models of both an ovine thorax and adipose tissue for high-rate non-penetrating blunt impact
  • Pelvis: Injurious pelvis deformation in high-speed rear-facing frontal impacts
  • Lower extremities: Generation of 3D pediatric femur models from 2D radiographs; plantar thickness and stiffness using ultrasound; knee injuries in skiing and snowboarding using artificial intelligence 3D modeling; jumping kinematics, and kinetics in athletes with secondary task of heading a soccer ball
  • Full body, vehicle occupants: Comparison of Hybrid III, THOR mid-size male, and small female ATDs in frontal sled tests; effects of booster seat on reclined small females during lateral oblique low-acceleration impacts; airbag deployment for out-of-position 50th percentile male human body model
  • Full body, unique loading scenarios: Development of seat fixture and restraints for FE human body model during vertical loading; methodology for PMHS-occupied powered two wheeler and motor vehicle crash scenario