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Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group joins SAE ITC’s Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium

Uber ATG will work with SAE International, Ford, General Motors and Toyota to develop safety framework for broad deployment of autonomous technology.

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) – the rideshare company’s Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle (AV) research division – has joined the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC). AVSC member companies like SAE international, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota collaborate on the development of best safety practices around which AV technology can responsibly evolve in advance of broad deployment.

“The AVSC is committed to providing industry leadership and engendering public confidence in automated vehicle technologies by publishing safety-relevant best practices and accelerating open industry standards,” says Dr. Edward Straub, executive director of the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium. “Uber ATG is committed to moving the industry forward with a spirit of collaboration and openness. Their involvement expands the perspective of AVSC and enhances our work.”



Uber ATG aims to develop safe, responsible, and reliable self-driving transportation technology to make roads safer and transportation more affordable. To achieve its goals of changing the mobility landscape, the organization engages in open, public dialogue around its safety approach for the testing and development of self-driving vehicles.

“At Uber ATG, we continue to support opportunities that encourage industry-wide collaboration around the self-driving vehicle safety,” says Nat Beuse, head of AV safety at Uber ATG. “Playing an active role in this consortium not only allows for that exact collaboration, but also enables us to build upon the Safety Case Framework with our peers. A lot of important work is already underway in this consortium, and we look forward to contributing our safety knowledge alongside our fellow AVSC members.”

SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC) established AVSC to inform and accelerate the development of industry standards for AVs. Consortium members are working on the development of a series of safety principles for SAE Level 4 and 5 automated driving systems focusing on testing before and during operation of AVs on public roads; data collection, protection and sharing; and interactions between AVs and other road users.


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