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Subaru partners with Pittsburgh-based ANSYS on hybrid vehicle design

Subaru automates 95 percent of development processes of its e-Boxer system, achieving accuracy, speed, efficiency

Subaru Corporation is partnering with Pittsburgh-based ANSYS, Inc. to develop control systems that deliver unrivaled safety and reliability for their next-generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Namely, Subaru is using ANSYS SCADE tools to automate and expedite the precise design and validation of embedded software in the electronic control units (ECUs) for the company’s new e-Boxer system.

Designing ECUs that effectively manage and maintain safety, performance, and energy efficiency is a top priority for HEV designers. Synchronizing and tightly integrating these components requires a faultless control system to ensure that safety-related, mission-critical functions, such as steering and braking, are fully operational in the wake of unpredictable events that could trigger a system failure.

“ANSYS SCADE plays a pivotal role for driving the end-to-end creation of highly complex ECU software code with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and accuracy,” says Yuji Kawakami, senior engineer at Subaru’s Electronics Engineering Department. “Utilizing SCADE increased our development automation by 15 percent, permitting us to swiftly innovate new ECU technology and accelerate its path to market faster than ever — delivering a major competitive advantage.”


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Subaru’s e-Boxer drive system combines electric motor assist technology with the company’s hallmark flat four-cylinder Boxer engine and symmetrical all wheel drive. Subaru engineers are automating up to 95 percent of e-Boxer ECU development with SCADE, accelerating software code creation by nearly eliminating the need for human intervention. This substantially increases productivity and significantly reduces costs, production time, and the amount of documentation required for final code verification.



“ANSYS SCADE is a critical, industry-leading tool for cost-effectively automating the complicated process of developing ECUs, which are comprised of countless lines of underlying software code and must comply with strict industry regulations,” says Gunther Siegel, senior product line director at ANSYS. “By leveraging SCADE, engineers can expedite the creation of accurate, highly reliable, mission-critical code that keeps HEVs running at peak performance and industry leaders like Subaru Corporation at the forefront of HEV design.”


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