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Spanish car maker SEAT to unveil concept car at MWC

Spanish auto maker SEAT plans to introduce a new concept car developed as a mobility platform at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this month. The brand is putting the final touches on its premier of a vehicle that will make a difference in SEAT’s urban micromobility strategy.

SEAT president Luca de Meo will unveil the concept car during a press conference scheduled for Monday, February 25.

According to de Meo, “Mobility is changing, and our role as a manufacturer and provider of mobility is changing with it. We must be able to manage and offer new mobility platforms that will be the key players in cities of the future. SEAT is heavily involved in several projects of this type and the MWC is the perfect backdrop to make them known to the world.”

According to a release from SEAT, its participation at MWC will also bring focus to:

5G connected cars

In the framework of the 5G Barcelona project, which aims to promote Barcelona as one of the benchmark European capitals of 5G technology, SEAT and Telefónica are going to launch the 5G Connected Car pilot test. This initiative enables communication between the car, the surrounding infrastructure, and other cars as a first step toward collaborative, autonomous driving, according to SEAT.

Improving urban mobility

Also present at the MWC will be the teams of XMOBA and Metropolis:Lab, two independent SEAT Group companies that are working on developing solutions to improve urban mobility.

Details will be given on the progress being made by the Bus On Demand project, which seeks to enhance the efficiency of public transport with a service that adapts to user needs—and the ride-sharing initiative, which connects users who normally drive to work and enables them to share the commute. Both solutions will be advancing to a second phase in 2019 and will be available in the city of Barcelona, reports SEAT.

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Talent search

SEAT is participating in 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the international technology event for entrepreneurs and start-ups, as part of MWC. The company aims to connect with the most innovative and disruptive talent attending the congress.

The Start4big project, the first cross-sectional, open digital initiative promoted by Aigües de Barcelona, Caixabank, Naturgy, SEAT, and Telefónica, is looking for well-established international start-ups to develop disruptive pilot programs aimed at enhancing customer experience.

According to its release, SEAT is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Barcelona and exports 80 percent of its vehicles and is present in over 80 countries on all five continents. In 2018, SEAT sold 517,600 cars.

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Mark Miller is a contributing writer to SAE International. He has worked as a technology writer and editor for IBM and other advanced information technology firms. His areas of concentration include artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, analytics and Internet of Things technologies.