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Simulation is critical to developing safe automated and connected vehicles

Sandeep Sovani, director, Global Automotive Industry, ANSYS, writes in article posted on the website FleetNews today about the critical role that simulation has in developing safe automated and connected cars.

The autonomous car is a promise that has been present for some years, but still isn’t a reality, writes Sovani. Before autonomous cars are allowed on the roads, manufacturers must consider any problem that may arise and implement safety measures around them, Sovani writes.

To guarantee a safe vehicle, Sovani estimates that at least nine billion kilometers (approximately 560 billion miles) must be driven. Sovani writes that is feasible to accomplish this only by leveraging computer simulation to train sensor technology.

Google’s self-driving cars, writes Sovani, have driven only a few million kilometers in nine years, writes Sovani. This would mean that hundreds of years would be needed to get to that nine billion figure of test kilometers. The only solution for this, Sovani concludes, is simulation.

Sovani writes that in a simulation, cars can fail and learn from it without anyone being hurt, and that is far safer than an accident happening in the real world. Sovani points out that until it is ensured that the autonomous car is safe, people will not have full faith in them. Simulation is the key, Sovani concludes.

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