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A look at Byton's slick massive digital dashboard on their M-Byte EV. Photo by Matt De Reno.

Simply dashing—Byton showcases large digital dashboard at CES 2019

Highlights from CES 2019

One of the more interesting vehicle interiors at CES 2019 was Byton’s M-Byte crossover SUV. The EV features the biggest electronics dashboard that I have encountered in a car to date. It spans the entire width of the car interior.

In an article published on Autocar earlier this week, Tom Morgan writes about the eye-catching dashboard. The near-final design, revealed at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, uses an evolved version of the wraparound digital dashboard and steering-wheel-mounted touchscreen seen in the original concept, Morgan writes.

The 48-inch curved ‘Shared Experience Display’ has been reinforced to resist shattering in the event of an accident. An 8-inch touchpad in the center console will allow either front-row occupant to control the main screen, which is split into three sections for driver information, navigation and multimedia playback, Morgan writes.

The article points out that the dashboard is also used to show images from three rear-facing cameras: two take the place of the wing mirrors, with a third mounted in the car’s rear. The brightness and background color of the display adjusts automatically to suit lighting conditions and two further screens are fitted to the front seats for rear passengers, according to the article.

Byton's M-Byte Automobile
Byton's M-Byte. Photo by Matt De Reno.

Morgan notes that the 7-inch touchscreen in the steering wheel sits slightly upward from the center to make room for an airbag. Selecting a gear is done through physical buttons on the wheel, rather than with a traditional gearstick or stalk and other physical buttons will be used only when legally required, such as for activating hazard lights.

Byton, which was founded in 2016, now has 1,500 employees and plans to have an M-Byte car in production by the end of 2019.


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