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Continental puts robots in autonomous vehicle for package delivery

Continental used CES 2019 to demonstrate its concept for automated package delivery, reports CNET’s Road Show website. Its AV shuttle contains dog-like delivery robots that are deployed to get packages to their final destination.

According to Road Show, the idea was to demonstrate how autonomy can reach beyond current concepts. It points out that automated delivery shuttles aren’t all that new anymore, citing Kroger’s use of Nuro’s automated delivery pods in Arizona. The Continental concept would go one step further by eliminating the need for humans to go out to delivery vehicles to retrieve their orders. Instead, delivery dogs will do the retrieving.

"The challenges to a delivery robot parallel what we already solve for in automated vehicles," said Jeremy McClain, director of systems and technology for Continental North America, in the story. "Plus, delivery robots will require technology that is just as advanced and robust as our automotive solutions."

Road Show indicates that, with or without delivery robotics like Continental’s canines, automated vehicle technology is revising current concepts for logistics. Capabilities like 24x7 operation can quicken the pace and improve efficiency, and act as a traffic decongestant by taking delivery vehicles of the road during peak traffic times.

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