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Blackberry gets lift from autonomous vehicles

CNN reports that BlackBerry, while no longer a leader in the mobile phone market, is seeing payback on its shift to software for automated vehicles.

Once the maker of phones for Walls Street traders, politicians like Barack Obama and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, CNN reports, Blackberry stopped making phones in 2016, relying on partners for their manufacture.

Today, among other pursuits, Blackberry creates software for connected cars, including its QNX platform to support instrument clustering, infotainment, connectivity, security and acoustics.

The software move may take time to start showing solid payoffs. Blackberry stock was down by about 30 percent near the close of 2018. But the focus on connected cars is helping. CEO, John Chen, stated that sales from its business in in that area grew 23 percent over a year ago.

Security is a key part of Blackberry’s connected car play. It has agreed to purchase Cylance, a company that provides artificial intelligence technology to monitor and prevent cyberattacks. Blackberry looks to the deal to bolster its ability to keep connected cars safe from malware and viruses.

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