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AV shuttle pilot programs to move forward for U.S. cities

Paul Comfort at Axios reports a trend for U.S. universities, cities and transit authorities to become test grounds for AV shuttles. The test programs will help shape how AV shuttles are perceived and review infrastructure improvements, he says.

Downtown Austin, Texas plans a free circulator shuttle. Las Vegas, with a $5.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), will look to connect the city’s medical facilities with its downtown, also through a circulator program.

In Ohio, Comfort says, the cities of Toledo and Columbus are planning to run automated buses. Toledo won a $1.8 million DOT grant that will help it begin the service. Columbus started a free AV shuttle service in December 2018, paid for with a $40 million DOT grant.

Similar programs are in progress for Grand Rapids, Mich., and Providence, R.I., and a program will launch on the Texas Southern University campus this year.

At least 8 cities will pilot low-speed AV shuttle programs in 2019, states Comfort. The trend is focused on shared services carrying about 10-12 passengers to offer first- and last-mile connections to other transportation options, says the report.

Learn more about these AV shuttle pilots at the link below.

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