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Next for the AV industry: consolidating and concentrating

A view of the AV industry from rideOS CEO, Justin Ho, at Axios looks at the saturation of players in the AV world. The head of the transportation marketplace and mapping technology provider, indicates that, for those without deep capital resources, success may hinge on a choice between joining forces with bigger players and tightening their focus.

Ainstein launches imaging radar sensor for hazardous conditions

Intelligent radar systems maker, Ainstein, announced the availability of its K-79 autonomous automotive imaging radar sensor at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The company claims that the sensor is the first commercially available sensor optimized and validated for autonomous operation of vehicles in hazardous conditions, such as low-light and extreme dust.

Should AVs have a safety certification program?

Jason Levine, executive director at the Center for Auto Safety, notes in a story at Axios that there are no current performance standards for AVs in the same way that there are for conventional cars and trucks. Then makes a case for a certification program for AV safety.
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