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U.S. Air Force invests in Explainable-AI for unmanned aircraft

Software star-up, Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC), has received funding from the U.S. Air Force to incorporate the company’s 3D image recognition technology into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones for aerial image and object recognition. ZAC’s in-house image recognition software is based on Explainable-AI (XAI), where computer-generated image results can be understood by human experts.

Texas A&M adds human-in-the-loop safety net for self-driving shuttles

Texas A&M University is the first organization to use Designated Driver's teleoperation technology on public roads – effectively putting a human behind the wheel of the university’s autonomous vehicle (AV) fleet. The technology will provide remote human guidance to the Texas A&M AV shuttles operating downtown in nearby Bryan, Texas. The first use case: overriding the shuttles’ autonomy at four-way intersections.

Parsons launches new smart city challenge focused on traffic intersections

Parsons Corporation of Centreville, Virginia has announced the first event in a new series of government collaborations. Smart Cities Challenge: Transforming Intersections is designed to significantly increase mobility around cities and reduce the amount of time drivers spend idling at red lights. The event’s sponsors and partners include Amazon Web Services and Verizon.

Subaru partners with Pittsburgh-based ANSYS on hybrid vehicle design

Subaru Corporation is partnering with Pittsburgh-based ANSYS, Inc. to develop control systems that deliver unrivaled safety and reliability for their next-generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Namely, Subaru is using ANSYS SCADE tools to automate and expedite the precise design and validation of embedded software in the electronic control units (ECUs) for the company’s new e-Boxer system.

Impossible Aerospace US-1 makes record flight over Nevada desert

During a public demonstration, an unmodified production US-1, carrying both a FLIR Duo Pro R thermal camera and HD video transmitter, crossed the state’s “playa” – alkali or salt flats – in repeated 72-minute flights. The aircraft flew with and against prevailing winds, covering distances of 29 and 21 miles, respectively.

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group joins SAE ITC’s Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium

Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) – the rideshare company’s Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle (AV) research division – has joined the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC). AVSC member companies like SAE international, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota collaborate on the development of best safety practices around which AV technology can responsibly evolve in advance of broad deployment.
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