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Field Guide to Lidar


Field Guide to Lidar covers the various components and types of active electro-optical sensors—referred to as lidars in the text—from simple 2D direct-detection lidars to multiple sub-aperture synthetic aperture lidars. Other topics covered include receivers, apertures, atmospheric effects, and appropriate processing of different lidars.

Autonomous Technologies: Applications That Matter


Over the years, the DARPA Challenges in the United States have galvanized interest in autonomous cars, making them a real possibility in the mind of the public, but autonomous and unmanned vehicles have been increasingly employed in many roles on land, in the water, and in the air.

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Automotive olfaction consortium to improve AV comfort and safety through digital smell technology

Aryballe Technologies, a digital olfaction company, has launched the Digital Olfaction Automotive Consortium (DOAC) to address industry trends in new mobility services and the evolution of self-driving cars. DOAC, with members from the automotive industry, will establish the standards for odor measurement in the automotive industry and inform olfaction—smelling and the sense of smell—product development and services.

OneWeb ramps up satellite production with new round of funding

OneWeb has secured $1.25 billion in its latest funding round. The company, which seeks to deploy a satellite communication network by 2021 that will enable global high-speed, low-latency Internet access, has now raised a total of $3.4 billion to fund its mission. Tokyo-based Softbank Group Corp., Mexico’s Grupos Salinas, San Deigo-based Qualcomm Technologies Inc., and the Government of Rwanda led the last round of funding.

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