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Plain Bearing Selection for Landing Gear Applications

  • Aerospace Standard
  • AIR1594D
  • Current
Published 2018-04-18 by SAE International in United States

This document is intended to give advisory information for the selection of plain bearings and bearing materials most suitable for aircraft landing gear applications. Information included herein was derived from bearing tests and service experience/reports. Airframe/landing gear manufacturers, commercial airlines, the U.S. Air Force and Naval Air Systems Command provided input for the document.


Cleaner, Thrust Reverser Water-Base

  • Aerospace Material Specification
  • AMS1540D
  • Current
Published 2018-04-10 by SAE International in United States

This specification covers a water base cleaner in the form of a liquid.


Guide to Engine Lubrication System Monitoring

  • Aerospace Standard
  • AIR1828C
  • Current
Published 2018-04-10 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides information and guidance for the selection and use of technologies and methods for lubrication system monitoring of gas turbine aircraft engines. This AIR describes technologies and methods covering oil system performance monitoring, oil debris monitoring, and oil condition monitoring. Both on-aircraft and off-aircraft applications are presented. A higher-level view of lubrication system monitoring as part of an overall engine monitoring system (EMS), is discussed in ARP1587.


A Guide to APU Health Management

  • Aerospace Standard
  • AIR5317A
  • Current
Published 2018-04-09 by SAE International in United States

AIR5317 establishes the foundation for developing a successful APU health management capability for any commercial or military operator, flying fixed wing aircraft or rotorcraft. This AIR provides guidance for demonstrating business value through improved dispatch reliability, fewer service interruptions, and lower maintenance costs and for satisfying Extended Operations (ETOPS) availability and compliance requirements.


SAE Truck & Off-Highway Engineering: April 2018

  • Magazine Issue
  • 18TOFHP04
Published 2018-04-05 by SAE International in United States
Connectivity takes center stage Telematic links have become the norm, helping fleet owners and operators improve efficiency and letting OEMs predict component failures.More power, less noise, fewer emissions These key attributes drive development of new generators both big and small.TARDEC pursues advanced power generation U.S. Army, GM collaborate on fuel-cell-generated electricity to power the vehicle's propulsion system and onboard electronics, while providing off-vehicle power via an Exportable Power Take-Off unit.Developing an alternative engine concept Ricardo's CryoPower engine leverages two unique combustion techniques for reduced emissions and fuel consumption-liquid nitrogen and split combustion. Long-haul trucking and stationary power generation will be the first beneficiaries of the technologies.Technology time-warp The road to autonomous driving has been under construction for decades, as showcased by SAE's Mobility History Committee at the 2018 WCX in Detroit.Editorial 'Heavy' topics on tap for WCX18Hackers aim to exploit vulnerabilities in CVs, pushing security to the forefrontGenerative design software exploits AI to change how new vehicles, equipment are designedSwRI's ECTO-Lab bridges gap in catalyst and aftertreatment developmentDiesel reigns as alternatives expand their role in…

Data Analysis, Modeling, and Predictability of Automotive Events

  • Tenneco Inc. - Zhigang Wei, Limin Luo, Adam Kotrba
  • Technical Paper
  • 2018-01-0094
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States

It is important to quantitatively characterize the automotive events in order to not only accurately interpret their past but also to reliably predict and forecast their short-term, medium-term, and even long-term future. In this paper, several automotive industry related events, i.e. vehicle safety, vehicle weight/HP ratio, the emissions of CO2, HC, CO, and NOx, are analyzed to find their general trends. Exponential and power law functions are used to empirically fit and quantitatively characterize these data with an emphasis on the two functions’ effectiveness in predictability. Finally, three empirical emission laws based on the historical HC, CO, and NOx data are proposed and the impact of these laws on emission control is discussed.


Analysis of the Current Practices with Reliability Prediction

  • Sohar Inc. - Lev Klyatis
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States

This paper will discuss the problem of improving reliability prediction. It will consider the analytical advantages and disadvantages of the current situation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of reliability prediction for industry. This problem relates to many different areas of engineering.


Suspension Health Monitoring and Failure Prognosis Through Onboard SoC and Cloud Based Reporting

  • KPIT Technologies, Ltd. - Naveen Manuel, Jainendra Mishra
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States

Failures of automotive mechanical systems such as suspension systems, or “springs” while a vehicle is in operation is most often serious, and can sometimes incur financial loses or even fatal consequences. Spring failures result from either chronic overloading, poor driver behavior, severe duty cycle, or a combination of the aforementioned conditions. These conditions result in extraordinary fatigue, ultimately reducing the spring’s overall expected useful life. There has been a significant reduction in the cost of onboard computing making it economically viable to measure, record, and store various parameters that affect the spring life. An economical measurement system was designed that could plot the Load vs. Displacement graph (L/D) by simply measuring the spring’s displacement from its nominal (static) position. Previous methodologies have used expensive load cells; in our demonstration we prove that measurements can be taken much more economically using an array of Hall Effect type sensors. The L/D plots are stored and compared and a performance deterioration curve is plotted and an acute failure timeline is predicted, information of which is constantly relayed to the cloud. Alarm flags are raised at the manufacturer’s/supplier’s front-end by an intuitive app and further actions may be planned. An onboard display can be used to inform driver about its haul-mass, optimum speed bracket to be maintained and even inform about regular checkup deadlines. Hence, when implemented, the technology can be useful for failure prognosis by OEMs, tier ones, service agencies and Insurance Agencies.


System Engineering for Automated Software Update of Automotive Electronics

  • General Motors LLC - SuSanta Sarkar, James Forsmark
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States

In traditional automotive electronic design, software update has been a component oriented, manual process rather than a systematic designed in capability suitable for automation. In recent days as software content in vehicles grow, the need to update software in vehicles more frequently is becoming a necessity. Moreover, additional attributes for software updates, for example timely delivery of security related update for vehicles, desire to add features using software update, control cost of software updates, etc., requires a system engineered design rather than a component oriented approach. As the automobile domain utilizes various means of mobility (Combustion Engine, Hybrid, Battery, etc.) and various functional domains (Infotainment, Safety, Mobility, Telematics, ADAS (Advance Driving Assist service), Autonomous, etc.), to control the overall cost of future software update for such a diverse environment, it is beneficial to introduce automation in the software update process. One way to facilitate introduction of automation is leveraging a systematic architecture. As the system that is used for updating software is also required to be updated, a stable interface design is very important.


Cold Chain Management Using Model Based Design, Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Analytics

  • Tata Elxsi Ltd - Gagandeep Singh Khanuja, Sharath D H, Sivaprasad Nandyala, Balamurali Palaniyandi
Published 2018-04-03 by SAE International in United States

In the food industry, there is an increased demand for generic pharmaceutical products and perishable food without compromising with the changes in texture and taste that occur in the transit. With this demand, there is a need for better visibility of products in the logistics network, to minimize wastage, to ensure product integrity, influence productivity, transparently track the fleet and to identify pathogens before a potential outbreak. In Cold Chain Management, information is power: with potentially billions of dollars’ worth of cargo (such as food items, vaccines, serums, tests or chemicals) at stake worldwide. Hence, careful live monitoring, inspection, supervision, validation and documentation of business-critical information is essential. In this paper, we have proposed a framework for Cold Chain Management using Internet of Things (IoT) combined with other technological innovations such as: Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to revolutionize the cold transport industry. By establishing such an architecture, we have tried to monitor, visualize, track and control various platform dependent parameters thereby providing a complete solution across the fleet cycle with assured freshness and palpability.