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Filho, Wilson Z. Franco
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Instrument Panel Materials Over the Years

Plascar S.A. Indústria e Comércio-Shirley Paschoa Barros, Wilson Z. Franco Filho
Published 1996-10-01 by SAE International in United States
Due to the fast increase in the productivity levels, process rationalisation, cost and weight reduction a radical change in the materials and in the processs of production of Instrument Panels (I.P., for short) took place.The concept of the 60's using leather, wood and metals as construction materials, evolved to the one step production process and monomaterial concept.The material, funcional and aesthetical properties required are discussed in this work pointing to tendencies.
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CFCs and Autoparts

Plascar S.A. Industria e Comércio-Wilson Z. Franco Filho
Published 1996-10-01 by SAE International in United States
Polyurethane integral skin foam has been applied to autoparts that require high quality level,a soft-touch feeling,excellent physical properties produced with a high productivity.In the 90's,the use of CFCs (chlor fluor carbons) as polyurethane blowing agents is virtually restricted or eliminated under the Montreal Procol Act in order to protect the Ozone Layer.The paper deals with the changes in processes,materials and properties of the finished parts caused by this evolution. Examples of materials used and future trends are discussed.
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