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Thumb Design and Optimization for Backhoe Loader

John Deere C&F-Kurtis Langner
John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.-Sandeep Dhotre, Surya Pratap Ponnana, Amit Ghate
Published 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
Product Engineering organizations are committed to provide solutions with the right quality and value to customers. Value improvement and efficient product improvement are key considerations for product engineering.In this paper, the Author summaries thumb design and optimization for backhoe loader. The project goal was to create an in-house thumb design. The backhoe thumb attachment was previously a proprietary design of a supplier. The supplier’s design had two major limitations, limited opportunity of design improvements for resolving customer issues and higher total cost. This paper covers details about overcoming these limitations.Multiple variants of backhoe loaders use four different thumbs. Small and mid- range backhoe machine classes use 4-tine and 2-tine thumb depending upon customer applications. The design team targeted an external customer requirement of a more compact design and internal requirement of accelerating design improvement cycle time and reducing cost. To overcome these concerns, along with few more constraints, a full study of a new thumb design was conducted. Key constraints included compatibility to current design, maintain tip forces, and optimize for a compact design. Verification…
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Noise and Vibration Prediction and Validation for Off-Highway Vehicle Cab Using Hybrid FE-SEA Methodology

John Deere C&F-Joseph Sullivan
Deere & Company-Jinghao Liu, Sanghoon Suh
Published 2019-06-05 by SAE International in United States
Operator noise is an important aspect for noise and vibration of off-highway vehicles and a quieter cab is critical for the operator comfort. The noise level inside the cab is influenced by structural and acoustic transfer paths. In this paper, we used hybrid FE-SEA approach to consider both structural and acoustic transfer path as FEM and SEA methods individually face limitations in high and low frequencies respectively. A hybrid FE-SEA cab model was built to predict the structural and acoustic transfer functions. The analysis model was built with the systematic approach validated at each step with the laboratory test results. For the structural transfer function, structural excitations were applied at four cab mount locations and accelerations at various locations on the cab were validated. For the acoustic transfer function, the cab was excited with the volume velocity source inside the cab and sound power output of various panels were calculated and compared to the test results. Good agreement was observed between the simulation and the test results for both structural transfer path and acoustic transfer…
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