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Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engines

  • Special Publication
  • SP-1643
  • ISBN 0-7680-0853-0
Published September 24, 2001 by SAE International in United States
Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engines
  • English
  • 160 pages

Thirteen papers from the 2001 SAE International Fall Fuels & Lubricants Meeting and Exposition sessions on Diesel Engine Experiments.

Papers cover: - Quantitative 2-D Fuel Vapor Concentration Measurements in an Evaporating Diesel Spray Using the Exciplex Fluorescence Method - Applications of Spontaneous Raman Scattering for Studying the Diesel Mixture Formation Process Under Near-Wall Conditions - Influence of EGR on Combustion and Exhaust Emissions of Heavy Duty DI-Diesel Engines Equipped with Common-Rail Injection Systems - Potentials of a Piezo-Driven Passenger Car Common Rail System to Meet Future Emission Legislations~An Evaluation by Means of In-Cylinder Analysis of Injection and Combustion - Quantitative Laser Diagnostic Studies of the NO Distribution in a DI Diesel Engine with PLN and CR Injection Systems - The Evolution of Flow Structures and Turbulence in a Fired HSDI Diesel Engine - Low-Emission and Knock-Free Combustion with Rich and Lean Biform Mixture in a Dual-Fuel CI Engine with Induced LP Gas the Main Fuel - Hydrogen Combustion and Exhaust Emissions Ignited with Diesel Oil in a Duel Fuel Engine; Investigation of the Combustion Process of a DI CI Engine Fueled with Dimethyl Ether - Development of Diesel Engines Fueled with Natural Gas - An investigation of the Effects of Manufacturing Deviations of Helical Inlet Port on the Flow Characteristics of DI Diesel Engines