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Analysis of Engine Combustion and Flow Diagnostics

  • Special Publication
  • SP-1244
  • ISBN 1-56091-956-6
Published February 24, 1997 by SAE International in United States
Analysis of Engine Combustion and Flow Diagnostics
  • English
  • 260 pages
Contents include: planar LIF observations of unburned fuel escaping the upper ring-land crevice in an SI engine; liquid fuel transport mechanisms into the cylinder of a firing port-injected SI engine during start up; measurements of intake port fuel/air mixture preparation; an optical sensor for measuring fuel film dynamics of a port-injected engine; characterization of fuel vapor concentration inside a flash boiling spray; quantitative imaging of in-cylinder processes by multispectral methods; NO measurement in diesel spray flame using laser induced fluorescence; and a conceptual model of DI diesel combustion based on laser-sheet imaging.