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Hybrid & Pure Electric Vehicles for Land, Water & Air 2013-2023: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

  • Market Research Report
  • MR-ID-005
Published March 01, 2013 by IDTechEx Ltd. in United Kingdom
  • English
Pure electric car sales in 2013 will be just 70,000 vehicles rising to 2 million in 2023, versus 2 million hybrid vehicles this year rising to 7.6 million in 2023. Of course, the big unit numbers come at the small end - most of the unit volume in 2013 will be for two wheeled vehicles - 32 million vehicles in 2013 rising to 94 million in 2023, albeit at far lower average price points. If we look at the figures by the value of each sector - including industrial, marine, buses and others - we find that hybrid and pure electric cars will be almost half the total value of all electric vehicles in 2023, but less profitable than other vehicle types. Electric vehicles are also very unusual in having almost all their electrical, electronic and mechanical components and systems subject to disruptive rather than incremental change, creating absorbing opportunities for researchers, start-ups and others. There are also new types of electric vehicles being launched at a frenetic rate from amphibious aircraft, flying jet skis and swarming robot flies to personal mobile robots, heavy earthmovers and new autonomous underwater vehicles. Many will be best produced by small and medium-sized companies, so the whole structure of the automotive, marine and aircraft industry is placed under review. The components industry is forced into new forms of product integration including smart skin, structural components and motors with integral gearing and electronics, so seeing the big picture of what markets are and will be out there, becomes essential. This report gives the unit numbers, average vehicle prices, and total value for ten years for the following vehicle types: • Hybrid cars • Pure electric cars • Heavy industrial • Buses • Lighting industrial/commercial • Micro EV/quadricycle • Golf car and motorized gold caddy • Mobility for the disabled • Two-wheel and allied • Military • Marine • Other

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