Product Liability and The Engineer

Note: Last day of class ends at approximately 1:00 pm

In the past few decades, product liability law has dramatically changed the manufacturer's outlook in the design and manufacture of product. The concept of safety and reliability has been altered from a purely engineering/manufacturing concept to a legal/manufacturing approach. This new approach requires an understanding of legal concepts as related to the manufacturing and design process. The engineer's role has shifted to include a safety audit analysis to minimize the existence of a product defect and/or to defend the product in a way that is responsive to the legal concerns.

An overnight assignment will be made by the instructor. It will consist of problems drawn from actual cases and a group project that examines the design, instructions, and warnings of a product.

What Will You Learn

By attending this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Relate legal concepts as they apply to the manufacturing/design process
  • Use safety audit analysis techniques to minimize or eliminate product defects during design, thus reducing product liability
  • Discuss defense of product from a legal perspective
  • Recognize the importance of potential liability as it relates to the manufacturer

Is This Course For You

Persons responsible for product design, including managers and designers; corporate risk managers; persons responsible for developing and approving product instructions and warnings; marketing personnel; production and quality assurance managers and personnel; personnel responsible for product safety and those persons, including lawyers, who oversee and manage product liability issues.

Materials Provided

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Course Requirements

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(Day two will end at approximately 1:00 p.m.)
  • Legal Concepts
    • Negligence: elements, defenses
    • Strict liability: section 402A (elements, defenses)
    • Warranties: express, implied
  • Analysis of Defect
    • Meaning of unreasonable danger
    • Production defect
    • Design defect
    • Defect by words
  • Designing for Reasonable Safety
    • Products' use, users & environment
    • Product safety audit
  • The Role of Standards in Design
  • Warnings
    • Guidelines for design & warnings
    • Functions & use
  • Problem Analysis by Participants
  • Review of a Product Design by Participants