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Advanced Ignition Systems Evaluations for High-Dilution SI Engines

Journal Article
ISSN: 1946-3936, e-ISSN: 1946-3944
Published October 13, 2014 by SAE International in United States
Advanced Ignition Systems Evaluations for High-Dilution SI Engines
Citation: Briggs, T., Alger, T., and Mangold, B., "Advanced Ignition Systems Evaluations for High-Dilution SI Engines," SAE Int. J. Engines 7(4):1802-1807, 2014,
Language: English


A series of ignition systems were evaluated for their suitability for high-EGR SI engine applications. Testing was performed in a constant-volume combustion chamber and in a single-cylinder research engine, with EGR rates of up to 40% evaluated. All of the evaluated systems were able to initiate combustion at a simulated 20% EGR level, but not all of the resulting combustion rates were adequate for stable engine operation. High energy spark discharge systems were better, and could ignite a flame at up to 40% simulated EGR, though again the combustion rates were slow relative to that required for stable engine performance. The most effective systems for stable combustion at high EGR rates were systems which created a large effective flame kernel and/or a long kernel lifetime, such as a torch-style prechamber spark plug or a corona discharge igniter. These results suggest that achieving good engine performance with high EGR rates will require changes to the ignition system of an SI engine to produce a more robust flame kernel.