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SAE International is hosting an invitation only Wiki to develop a Body of Knowledge (BOK) regarding Automated and Connected Vehicles. This new collaborative effort will be located on the SAE MOBILUS platform.

A Body of Knowledge is a set of concepts, terms, activities, and aggregated, structured knowledge that make up a professional domain. As an expert, you can help author and contribute to this information rich resource!

1529327035380-789.png Contribute to a set of accepted and agreed upon Automated standards and nomenclatures

1529327059451-250.png  Support the authoring of a structured Automated knowledge that is used by professionals to guide their practice/work

1529327087134-203.png  Have a voice in defining what is generally agreed as both essential and generally known about Automated and Connected Vehicles

For access to the Automated-Connected Wiki, please email

If you already have access, you can click a link in the navigation bar to the left to reach content.

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