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GMAW Process Parameter Optimization to Reduce Porosity Defect in a Longitudinal Seam Welding of Pressure Vessels

SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India-A. Kuppusamy, K. Rameshkumar, A. Sumesh
ELGI Equipment Limited, India-S. Premkumar
  • Journal Article
  • 05-13-01-0005
Published 2019-12-02 by SAE International in United States
Pressure vessels are critical equipment used in industries for storing liquids or gases at a pressure significantly different from ambient conditions. Porosity is one of the major weld defects in pressure vessels that leads to failure during inspection and as well as during its service. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process is widely used in industries to fabricate pressure vessels using carbon steel “IS 2062 E250BR” material for storing compressed air. The main objective of this article is to reduce the porosity defect in the longitudinal seam (LS) welding of the pressure vessels. Detailed analysis is carried out to identify the parameters which are influencing the porosity defect. Central Composite Design (CCD) and Response Surface Methodology (RSM) approaches are used to find the optimum value of the weld parameters which produce weld without porosity or any major defects in the pressure vessel. An experimental setup has been established and welding experiments have been conducted under a controlled environment. Experiments were conducted without any external disturbances ensuring clean weld surface and filler wire without any moisture,…

Pearl-Like Coating Enhances Lightweight Armor

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-35453
Published 2019-11-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

By mimicking the outer coating of pearls (nacre or mother of pearl), researchers created a lightweight plastic that is 14 times stronger and eight times lighter (less dense) than steel. It could be applicable to vests, helmets, and other types of body armor as well as protective armor for ships, helicopters, and other vehicles.

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Machinability and Parametric Optimization of Inconel 600 Using Taguchi-Desirability Analysis under Dry Environment

Vellore Institute of Technology-Venkatesan Kannan, Devendiran Sundararajan, Abhishek Chahal, Devesh Raj
Published 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
Inconel 600 is a face-centered cubic structure and nickel-chromium alloy. Alloy 600 has good resistance to oxidation, corrosion-resistant, excellent mechanical properties, and good creep rupture strength at a higher temperature. Alloy 600 is used in heat treating, phenol condensers, chemical and food processing, soap manufacture, vegetable, and fatty acid vessels. In this context, the present paper investigates the machinability characteristics of Alloy 600 under dry environment. Also, the parametric effect of cutting speed, feed rate, and cutting depth on the force, surface roughness, and tool wear is carried out using 3-Dimensional surface and 1-Dimensional plots. The optimal parameters are determined systematically based on Taguchi-desirability analysis with turned with TiAlN coated carbide insert. From the graphical analysis of collected data, the low rate of feed and moderate cutting for roughness and cutting force and average feed rate for tool wear with low cutting depth. Probability test at 95% confidence reveals the residual of machining data falls reasonably on a straight line and can be taken for factor optimization. Variance test reveals that the cutting depth (68.34%)…
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EO/IR Maritime Payload

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-35352
Published 2019-10-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. Lanham, MD 571-331-0042

Autonomous Multi-Sensor Maritime Awareness System

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-35364
Published 2019-10-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

BIRD Aerosystems Herzliya, Israel

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Building Multiple Resolution Modeling Systems Using the High-Level Architecture

Univ. of Central Florida-Mario Marin, Kyungeun Lee, Edgar Gutierrez, Luis Rabelo
University of Central Florida-Gene Lee, Jaeho Kim
Published 2019-09-16 by SAE International in United States
The modeling and simulation pyramid in defense states it clearly: Multi-Level modeling and simulation are required. Models and simulations are often classified by the US Department of Defense into four levels-campaign, mission, engagement, and engineering. Campaign simulation models are applied for evaluation; mission-level simulations to experiment with the integration of several macro agents; engagement simulations in engineered systems development; and engineering-level simulation models with a solid foundation in structural physics and components. Models operating at one level must be able to interact with models at another level. Therefore, the cure (“silver bullet”) is very clear: a comprehensive framework for Multiple Resolution Modeling (MRM) is needed.In this paper, we discuss our research about how to construct MRM environments. Also, the utilization of the High-Level Architecture (HLA) is explained and in particular, the processes of verification and validation in these composite models. Three implementations in the areas of aerospace, navy ships, and infantry combat are utilized to illustrate the MRM simulation concepts.
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All-Silicon MEMS Inertial Sensing at Fiber Optic Gyro Performance Levels

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-35195
Published 2019-09-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

There is increasing demand in many high-end commercial and industrial markets for precision motion sensing for a diversity of applications. In particular, demand is growing for effective guidance and stabilization in applications with severe limitations on space and/or weight, or available budget. UK/Japanese joint venture, Silicon Sensing Systems, has developed a high-performance all-silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) gyro in response to this demand.

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Marine Electrical Switches

Marine Technical Steering Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J1320_201906
  • Current
Published 2019-06-06 by SAE International in United States
This SAE Recommended Practice covers the requirements for switches used in marine applications both under and over 50 V.
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Panoramic Thermal Imaging Technology

Aerospace & Defense Technology: June 2019

  • Magazine Article
  • 19AERP06_03
Published 2019-06-01 by SAE International in United States

A New Concept in Naval Defense

SPYNEL sensors are passive wide area surveillance systems with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. The 360° thermal sensors offer 24/7 situational awareness by detecting and tracking an unlimited number of targets in real time, on land, air and sea. HGH Infrared Systems recently won a multimillion contract from a leading shipyard, to equip three new warships with the latest generation of SPYNEL panoramic thermal cameras.

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Standard for Safety Glazing Materials for Glazing Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Operating on Land Highways - Safety Standard

Glazing Materials Standards Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J3097Z26_201905
  • Current
Published 2019-05-28 by SAE International in United States
Specifications, test methods, and usage provisions for safety glazing materials used for glazing of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment operating on land highways.
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