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Research & Devlopment Institute-JAGANNATHAN VASU
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-2531
To be published on 2019-11-21 by SAE International in United States
A DIGITALIZED VALIDATION APPROACH FOR REAL TIME AND REMOTE MONITORING OF AN OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLE PERFORMANCE V.Jagannathan 1.a* , B.Jaiganesh 2.b & S.Sudarsanam 3.c Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mahindra Research Valley, Mahindra World City, Anjur PO, TN, India Corresponding author Email- Validation of agricultural tractors is necessary to ensure that these machines perform to their expected potential and are aptly matched with implements. Testing these machineries in real-time while performing activities in the field allows a bigger picture to be seen; the performance data incorporates the effects of many external factors (Soil, Climate etc.). Tractor Performance data apprehending is the vital part of validation. Data acquisition of key performance parameters during field validation in different application/different countries is of utmost importance. Most prevailing methodology in Tractor validation is by capturing the performance parameters such as Fuel consumption, Area coverage, Wheel slip, Engine rpm drop, implement depth of cut, Tractor speed etc. in manual and physical way. These methodologies of capturing performance parameters are tedious, time consuming, involves manpower, not so secured or safe. The readings…

The Dynamic Stability Index Calculator for Agricultural Tractors Equipped with Front End Loader

Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.-Pravin Balasaheb Arote
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-2420
To be published on 2019-11-21 by SAE International in United States
The study aims to evaluate the lateral stability of tractor-front end loader system in consideration with difficult work conditions based on various loader bucket lifting heights from ground while driving a system on transversal slopes. In the proposed method the centre of gravity of tractor-front end loader system was calculated and analysed to evaluate the transversal overturning of the system. This overturning of the system was analysed by applying mathematical equations presented in past studies and compared with the newly developed prediction model for 3 test tractors of 25 HP. The excel spreadsheet comprised of mathematical equations used to calculate the Tractor Stability Index (TSI) on transverse slope with respect to loader bucket height and payload in dynamic condition. A criterion has been defined to categorize the Tractor Stability Index (TSI) poor to excellent on a scale of 0 to 4 where <0 being the very poor, 0-2 Poor, 2-4 Good and >4 being the excellent. It was observed that the centre of gravity of the system became lower after lowering the loader bucket closer…

Design of light weight Hydraulic Connecting Rod for Agricultural Tractor

Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd.-Mahendra Dumpa, Solairaj Perumal, Dinesh Redkar, Maxson Gomes, Prasanna Balaji Subbaiyan
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-0016
To be published on 2019-10-11 by SAE International in United States
Hydraulic power train assembly of an agricultural tractor is meant to controls the position and draft of the implement depending upon the type of crop, farming stage, implement type and soil conditions. These variations induce extreme range of loads on the hydraulic system, thus making it challenging to design these components. Hydraulic connecting rod is critical component of hydraulic power train assembly. Standards like IS12224, IS4468 governs the design of hydraulic power train components which regulates the test method for hydraulic power and lift capacity of the tractor. In this paper, a virtual simulation process has been established to design a hydraulic connecting rod to meet the requirements. The hydraulic connecting rod basically functions as a short column, which is subjected to the operating hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic lifting mechanism. The current circular connecting rod is higher in weight and cost. So, there is scope for optimizing the design of connecting rod. Virtual simulation has been done by performing (i) Multi body dynamics analysis (MBD) approach is used to predict the loads on Tractor…

Component Nomenclature - Articulated Log Skidder, Rubber-Tired

MTC4, Forestry and Logging Equipment
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J1109_201908
  • Current
Published 2019-08-07 by SAE International in United States

This SAE Standard includes names of major components and parts particular to this type of machine.


Smart Agriculture Sensors: Helping Small Farmers and Positively Impacting Global Issues, Too

  • Magazine Article
  • TBMG-34585
Published 2019-06-01 by Tech Briefs Media Group in United States

Smart agriculture, also known as precision agriculture, allows farmers to maximize yields using minimal resources such as water, fertilizer, and seeds. By deploying sensors and mapping fields, farmers can begin to understand their crops at a micro scale, conserve resources, and reduce impacts on the environment. Smart agriculture has roots going back to the 1980s when Global Positioning System (GPS) capability became accessible for civilian use. Once farmers were able to accurately map their crop fields, they could monitor and apply fertilizer and weed treatments only to areas that required it. During the 1990s, early precision agriculture users adopted crop yield monitoring to generate fertilizer and pH correction recommendations. As more variables could be measured and entered into a crop model, more accurate recommendations for fertilizer application, watering, and even peak yield harvesting, could be made.


Test Procedure for Measuring Hydraulic Lift Capacity on Agricultural Tractors Equipped with Three-Point Hitch

Machine Technical Steering Committee
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J283_201905
  • Current
Published 2019-05-10 by SAE International in United States

The lift capacity can be determined by Section 4 and/or Section 5. When the results are recorded, the test method shall be identified.


Product Identification Numbering System of Off-Road Work Machines

MTC1, Loaders, Crawlers, Scrapers and Mounted Attachments
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J1360_201905
  • Current
Published 2019-05-10 by SAE International in United States
This standard covers self-propelled off-road work machines as categorized in SAE J1116 and Agricultural Tractors as defined in ANSI/ASAE S390.
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Personnel Protection for General Purpose Industrial Machines

OPTC1, Personnel Protection (General)
  • Ground Vehicle Standard
  • J98_201904
  • Current
Published 2019-04-11 by SAE International in United States
No Abstract Available.
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Some Experimental Studies on the Use of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) in an Agricultural Diesel Engine

CASRAE, Delhi Technological University-Naveen Kumar
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology-Ashwni Goyal
Published 2019-04-02 by SAE International in United States
Globally, the demand for energy is increasing due to both increase in population and enhancement in the lifestyle of people. Most of the energy demand at present is met from fossil fuels, which are not only exhaustible but also a threat to the environment. Various routes of sustainable energy resources are being explored to address the above-mentioned issues and fuel made from used tyre may be one of the promising options.India is one of the fastest growing economies and every year 10 million new vehicles are registered. Due to poor road conditions, nearly fourfold tyres of this number are dumped as waste. This large stock of dumped tyres are non-biodegradable and creates other problems like a breeding site for mosquitos, or source of pollution in case of accidental fire. In order to cope with the large pile-up of used tyres, pyrolysis of these tyres could be a sustainable route. Pyrolysis is a thermo-chemical process carried in absence of oxygen and a sustainable option for conversion into Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO).In the present work, the performance…
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Autonomy Meets Agronomy

Autonomous Vehicle Engineering: March 2019

Terry Costlow
  • Magazine Article
  • 19AVEP03_14
Published 2019-03-01 by SAE International in United States

John Deere sows some autonomy ideas at CES 2019.

Iconic agricultural equipment giant John Deere is spearheading the expansion of digital controls in farm machinery and in so doing was the first off-highway equipment maker ever to display agriculture machinery at the 2019 CES consumer electronics conference.

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