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Automotive Cybersecurity: From Perceived Threat to Stark Reality

  • Book
  • JP-ABOUT-002
Published 2016-07-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
This over view of the subject analyzes automotive cybersecurity threats that are gaining attention worldwide and the apparent ways industries are responding to them. It also addresses the need to continue investment in cyber research and security, as well as the ‘security by design’ approach that automakers are likely to adopt as a long-term strategy to fend off cyber-attacks.

Automotive 48-volt Technology

  • Book
  • JP-ABOUT-001
Published 2016-04-15 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
The introduction of 48-volt technology enables traditionally parasitic applications that run off the engine to be replaced with electrically driven systems, resulting in improvements in performance and efficiency. In the first of a series of reports produced jointly by ABOUT Automotive and SAE International, this comprehensive Executive Report analyses major engineering challenges facing the industry, and the solution strategies key players are beginning to adopt. The report includes: • a comprehensive history of automotive power supply systems, charting the development of electrical systems, via the promise of 42-volts to the eventual switch to 48-volt technology. • the transition from 12-volt/48-volt architecture to 48-volt technology. • 48-volt standards (LV148), regulations and geographic trends, and includes an assessment of diverse global markets. • how 48-volt electrification will enable vehicle efficiency. • an authoritative assessment of 48-volt mild hybrid applications and developments, including coverage of the turbocharger, electric supercharger, enhanced stop-start application, energy recovery/boost system, electrified rear axle, active suspension, transmission and HVAC module sectors. • 48-volt battery and super capacitor developments. • the major factors that are…

The Global Market for Automotive Turbochargers: 2015 edition

Johneric Leach
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-018
Published 2015-10-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
Since the last edition of this report in 2013, the demand on automakers has been relentless in terms of improving fuel economy and reducing emissions, thus driving increased sales of forced induction systems. The use of pressure charging techniques has therefore expanded significantly. Recent years have seen the ascendancy of the turbocharger and its use by almost every major global manufacturer. This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive provides fresh, unbiased insight in a number of areas, including: The substantial growth in the demand for light-duty turbochargers worldwide, but especially in North America and China, fueled by the market-wide trend towards engine downsizing; --Stricter exhaust emission regulations in all the major vehicle markets and the high price of fuel; --The trend towards even more strict vehicle CO2 emissions globally; --The state of the diesel market worldwide - from the growth of clean diesel in North America, to the political backlash in Europe; and --Further developments in turbocharger technology, such as the increasing cost of high temperature resistant materials. This fifth edition report reviews the key market…

The Global Chassis Sector Report: An Analysis of the Braking, Steering and Suspension Markets

David Saddington
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-017
Published 2015-06-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom

This exclusive report produced by ABOUT Automotive concentrates on three of the most important areas within the automotive chassis sector: • Braking components, modules and systems • Suspension and damping systems • Steering systems It addresses the critical issues facing the automotive chassis sector, and is broken down into eight major sections: • Key market drivers • Braking components, modules and systems • Suspension and damping systems • Steering systems • Chassis sector supplier profiles • OEM system technology trends • OEM modular sourcing trends • Technology roadmap This includes mainstream, mass-market technology, as well as innovative and advanced technology where appropriate in each product area. The report also analyses the approach of each supplier to the market, including its role within the emergence of innovative technologies. Likewise, the research provides an analysis of the technology and sourcing trends apparent among the major global carmakers. The report includes detailed volume demand forecasts (by region to 2022), for each of the three main sectors covered, and market share analysis for EPS and Steering products. Forecasts are provided for: • ESC • Braking (Hydraulic & EHB/EMB) • Active & semi active suspension • EPS • Hydraulic power steering • Unassisted & EH power steering


Automotive Powertrain Sensors: Trends & Forecasts to 2021

John Day's Automotive Electronics-John Day
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-016
Published 2015-01-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
Two major concerns for automotive engineers are how best to maximize fuel economy and to reduce emissions. Powertrain sensors, which measure temperature, pressure, rotational speed and other vehicle performance parameters, are central to both. There is also a trend in the powertrain sensor industry toward higher temperature and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, due largely to the increasing deployment of smaller engines. This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive focuses on the following key areas: Temperature sensors: • Manifold air temperature sensor • Engine coolant temperature sensor • Transmission oil temperature sensor • Engine oil temperature sensor • Boost air temperature sensor Pressure sensors: • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors • Barometric pressure (BARO) sensors • Engine oil pressure sensors • Fuel rail pressure sensors • Boost pressure sensors • Air conditioning (A/C) pressure sensors • Brake vacuum pressure sensors Speed sensors: • Transmission input speed sensors • Transmission output speed sensors • Vehicle speed sensors Position sensors: • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) position sensors • Pedal position sensors • Throttle position sensors • Camshaft position sensors •…

The Global Automotive Exterior LED Market: Trends & Forecasts to 2018

Virgil Ewson
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-015
Published 2014-10-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
LEDs are now acknowledged as the mainstream standard light source of what might reasonably be called ‘the future already in progress’. Their small size, powerful light emission, extreme reliability, low energy requirement and long lifespan mean that LEDs continue to make quick inroads in automotive sectors governed by cost and performance demands alike. Indeed, since the last edition of this report was published in 2010, the sector has continued to witness a blistering rate of innovation, and LEDs have now broken every automotive application barrier. Nevertheless, there are other light source technologies that have sprung from LED research and development, and some are poised to supplement – or even, in certain applications, supplant them. The study updates and extends ABOUT Publishing’s previous 2010 analysis of this sector, and provides crucial insight in topical areas including: • The market, cost, and adoption trends for automotive exterior LED lighting, with expository coverage of related issues; • The main manufacturers serving this sector and how the market is divided and shared in the main markets worldwide; • Trends…

The Global Market for Stop-Start Systems: Trends & Forecasts to 2020

ABOUT Automotive-David Saddington
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-014
Published 2014-05-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
The increasingly stringent emissions regulations faced by vehicle manufacturers have been driving the growth of more fuel-efficient conventionally powered vehicles. The ability of stop-start systems to improve vehicle carbon emissions by between 5% and 15% at very low additional cost has seen a dramatic increase in the proportion of vehicles being fitted with such systems. And this growth in demand for stop-start systems is set to increase substantially, especially in Europe, North America, China and Japan. The exclusive new report from ABOUT Automotive reviews the key market drivers for stop-start engine technology for the ‘micro hybrid’ segment and conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle applications. It sets out the market drivers and forecasts for the global stop-start systems market through to 2020 and reviews the technical advances made in stop-start technology, including the competing technologies, and the latest developments. It also profiles a number of major suppliers of stop-start systems. The report provides answers to such vital questions as: • Why is the bulk of manufacturer investment now being directed towards improving ICE performance? •…

The global market for automotive heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, 2013 edition

ABOUT Automotive-David Saddington
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-013
Published 2013-09-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
Brand new research on the automotive HVAC sector This report highlights the findings of research conducted throughout 2013 by ABOUT Automotive in the automotive air conditioning market. Now in its 5th edition, it presents updates and extends the previous sector analysis, providing valuable insights in a number of areas, including: • The market for automotive climate control, determining the trends and topical issues; • The main manufacturers serving this sector, identifying how the market is divided in terms of market share and market value on a regional basis; • Trends in key product and process technologies, both current and future; and • OEM trends and rationale in adopting different types of climate control. The report provides answers to such vital questions as: • What are the market shares of the leading companies, and what will the automotive HVAC market be worth by 2020? • Despite the maturity of the markets throughout the developed world, why will the technical boundaries of air conditioning systems continue to be pushed back? • Will the move towards hybrid and…

Automotive Sensors: Trends & Forecasts to 2020

Automotive Electronics News-John Day
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-011
Published 2013-02-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
As the electronic content in vehicles increases, demand for automotive sensor applications will continue to grow unabated. While certain types of sensors such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, vehicle speed and fuel level sensors have long been featured inside vehicles, new applications are emerging, particularly in engine management and safety-related areas. Overall, demand for sensors is driven by the need to build cleaner, safer, more reliable, fuel efficient, convenient, and comfortable cars. But cost is also a major consideration. In this second edition reviewing the key market drivers for automotive sensors, the author extends and updates the analysis originally published in 2004, and reviews the trends in the intervening eight years. It provides an authoritative overview of the technology issues (both present and future) as well as detailed market information for each of the sensor categories covered. This exclusive report from ABOUT Automotive focuses on the following key areas: • MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) technology • Pressure sensors • Magnetic sensors • Radar and camera sensors • Gas sensors • Inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes)…

Global Engine Trends & Forecasts to 2020

David Saddington
  • Market Research Report
  • MR-AB-010
Published 2012-11-01 by ABOUT Publishing Group in United Kingdom
In this second edition the key market drivers for petrol, diesel and hybrid engine trends are reviewed, to extend and update the analysis originally published in 2008, and re-evaluate the trends in the intervening four years. It provides an authoritative overview of both the technology issues (both present and future), and regulatory (emissions) concerns involved with this sector. Drivers and forecasts for global engine trends through to 2020 are identified, and data is provided by region for petrol, diesel and Hybrid/EV engine production. The research also highlights consumer trends in engine buying, explaining how the three main developed-market areas have evolved remarkably different consumer preferences.