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Zhong, Ping
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Design Approach for Online Measuring the Distance of the Gap between the Contactors of Electric Relay Switch

Donghua University-Ping Zhong, Kang Zhang, Yunlong Shi
Oakland University-Xu Chen, Lianxiang Yang
Published 2014-04-01 by SAE International in United States
The assembling accuracy of two contactors during the relay switch production is an important factor affecting the quality of relay. An embedded machine vision quality Inspection system has been developed for electric relay production line inspection. The proposed system can provide online feedback on the quality of the relays by measuring the distance of the gap between the contacts of them. Two CMOS imaging sensors are operated for image acquisition and the parallel working mode is realized under dual-channel mode. A red light illumination system has been adopted to eliminate the imaging noise from the reflection of the surfaces of copper sheet. Before the test, the features areas in the image of same type relay is selected as template and saved in the computer. During the inspection procedure, a rotation invariance detection scheme based on circular projection matching algorithm has been used for fast recognizing and locating detected object with the help of these feature areas. According to the corresponding position relation among internal components of relay, the contactors edge detection area can be locked.…
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Spatial Phase-Shift Digital Shearography for Out-of-Plane Deformation Measurement

SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing

Donghua University; Oakland University-Ping Zhong
Oakland University-Xin Xie, Yaqian Zheng, Xiaona Li, Bernard Sia, Lianxiang Yang
  • Journal Article
  • 2014-01-0824
Published 2014-04-01 by SAE International in United States
Measuring deformation under dynamic loading is still a key problem in the automobile industry. The first spatial phase-shift shearography system for relative deformation measurement is reported. Traditional temporal phase-shift technique-based shearography systems are capable of measuring relative deformation by using a reference object. However, due to its low acquisition rate, the existing temporal phase-shift shearography system can be only used under static loading situations. This paper introduces a digital shearography system which utilizes the spatial phase-shift technique to obtain an extremely high acquisition rate. The newly developed spatial phase-shift shearography system uses a Michelson-Interferometer as the shearing device. A high power laser at 532nm wavelength is used as the light source. A one mega pixels high speed CCD camera is used to record the speckle pattern interference. The spatial frequency carrier is introduced by tilting one of the mirrors in the Michelson-Interferometer. The Fourier Transform method (FT) is used to separate the spectra on spatial frequency domain. The Windowed Inverse Fourier Transform (WIFT) method is then used to evaluate the phase information of the recorded…
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