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Wright, Peter
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Formula 1 Technology

Tony Matthews
Federation Internationale Del Automobile-Peter Wright
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Published 2001-07-15 by SAE International in United States
Author Peter Wright identifies and outlines five parameters -- Power, Weight, Tire Grip, Drag and Lift -- and shows how each can be maximized. In addition, he describes the variety of technologies (including those that have been banned over the years) that are involved, not just in the makeup of the Formula 1 cars, but also in the component manufacturing, systems testing, and the actual racing of the cars.
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Display Concepts for Agricultural Vehicles

Central Electronics Group, Massey-Ferguson Industries Limited-Peter Wright
Published 1983-02-01 by SAE International in United States
Agricultural vehicles have particular needs with respect to the design of their display systems that distinguish them from the requirements of automobiles. In addition to making the vehicle more driveable, and thus directly contributing to the farmer’s productivity, the display system plays an important role in reducing the farmer’s costs in the event of a vehicle failure.This paper describes some of the special concepts that must be addressed in the design of display systems for modern agricultural vehicles, and gives an indication of the current state - of - the - art.
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Diagnostic Systems for Agricultural Equipment

Central Electronics Group, Massey-Ferguson Industries Limited-Peter Wright
Published 1982-02-01 by SAE International in United States
Several factors (changing operator skills, changing legislation, and changing technology among others) are creating the need for improved vehicle diagnostic systems.There are many difficulties in designing good diagnostic systems that incorporate the optimum compromise between effectiveness in locating a fault, and test hardware overhead. Before such a compromise can be arrived at, it is necessary to move away from the add-on approach to diagnostic hardware, and treat failure detection, isolation, and repair as a total system that pulls together vehicle, dealer, and factory capabilities.
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Use of Helicopters in the Field of Construction

Keystone Helicopter Corp.-Peter Wright
Published 1967-02-01 by SAE International in United States
Large helicopters are being used for many types of construction work in the United States. Some of the helicopters that are used for this work and their operational problems are described in detail. Examples of jobs done for the air conditioning companies, electric utilities, ski lifts, and structural steel contractors are given. With proper planning and design and with much larger helicopters coming on the market soon, a tremendous increase in construction by helicopter will take place.
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