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V, Vaishnavi
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PMSM motor drive for Electric Vehicle applications

Vaishnavi V
  • Technical Paper
  • 2019-28-2475
To be published on 2019-11-21 by SAE International in United States
To control air pollution in urban areas and to reduce carbon print in the cities, nowadays EV’s are preferred over IC engine vehicles. Earlier Electric vehicles used DC motor and Induction motors. But Brushless Permanent Magnet motors are preferred over Induction motor for EV’s due to their High Torque density, high-power density and highly efficiency. Prevalent Electric vehicles today have Brushless DC motors. Compared to BLDC, PMSM motor have smoother control and negligible torque ripplesThus, PMSM motor is preferred over BLDC for Electric Vehicle, because of its sinusoidal back emf which results in smoother control, and results into smoother and more comfortable driving experience to users. Methodology Sensor based field-oriented control (FOC) is implemented in 48 V 5kW Interior PMSM motor. . To start the Synchronous motor initial position of the rotor magnetic field should be known. After rotor alignment, incremental encoder is used to detect the rotor position or rotor flux position. As incremental encoder gives relative position, rotor is aligned to a known position, and then algorithm moves to closed loop FOC. In…