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This specification covers a carbon steel in the form of wire supplied as coils, spools, or cut lengths (see 8.2
AMS E Carbon and Low Alloy Steels Committee
This specification establishes the design, performance, and test requirements for hydraulic quantity measuring fuses intended to be used for hydraulic circuit protection
A-6C5 Components Committee
This document establishes the requirements for the sequencing of processes relating to parts fabricated from 300M or 4340 modified steel heat treated to, or to be heat treated to, 270,000 psi (1860 MPa) minimum ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and higher
AMS E Carbon and Low Alloy Steels Committee
This SAE Recommended Practice describes the test procedures for conducting free motion headform testing of heavy truck cab interior surfaces and components. A description of the test set-up, instrumentation, impact configuration, target locations, and data reduction is included
Truck Crashworthiness Committee
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) further defines the requirements for a delegation process identified in Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) standards (i.e., AS9100, AS9110, AS9120). This standard establishes minimum requirements for the delegation of product verification to an organization's suppliers; outlining requirements for the initial delegation (qualification/selection), maintenance, and removal/withdrawal of delegations
G-14 Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee (AAQSC)
The basic requirements of AS9100A apply with the following clarifications. This document supplements the requirements of AS9100A for deliverable software. This supplement contains Quality System requirements for suppliers of products that contain deliverable embedded or loadable airborne, spaceborne or ground support software components that are part of an aircraft Type Design, weapon system, missile or spacecraft operational software and/or support software that is used in the development and maintenance of deliverable software. This includes the host operating system software including assemblers, compilers, linkers, loaders, editors, code generators, analyzers, ground simulators and trainers, flight test data reduction, etc., that directly support creation, test and maintenance of the deliverable software. Where Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or non-developmental components are integrated into a deliverable product, the organization and the customer shall agree on the extent of
G-14 Americas Aerospace Quality Standards Committee (AAQSC)
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