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Saiki, Junji
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Exterior Acoustics Using Infinite Elements

Altair Engineering-Anurag Rajagopal, Dilip Mandal, Junji Saiki, Ujwal Patnaik
Published 2019-06-05 by SAE International in United States
The idea of employing an infinite element to solve acoustic problems in an unbounded domain has demonstrated significant promise. Starting from first principles, the detailed element formulation for a mapped wave-envelope infinite element is presented. This, in conjunction with an efficient search algorithm to map receiver grid locations to the pertinent infinite element on the boundary, is used to enhance an established finite-element based vibro-acoustic solver for frequency response in order to solve large scale industrial problems. The solver is then subjected to a thorough validation and verification study using problems whose solutions are established either through classical texts or alternative approaches to demonstrate the accuracy, robustness and efficiency of the current solution.
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Tuning Aircraft Engines with OptiStruct Rotor Dynamics Simulation

Altair Engineering-Ujwal Kondavalasa Patnaik, Junji Saiki
GE Aviation-Illya Arcos
Published 2019-03-19 by SAE International in United States
It is typical in aircraft engine design to explore new configurations in a constant effort to achieve greater efficiency with respect to various considerations. An integral component of this process requires a complete and robust simulation of rotor dynamics. Tuning the design with results of rotor dynamics simulations can be made possible with a tool that has adequate modeling techniques to capture the physics associated with engine behavior under various operating conditions accurately.
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Parameter Optimization for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Crash Compatibility Using Finite Element Methods

Altair Engineering Ltd.-Intaek Lee, Katsutoshi Ainaka, Junji Saiki, Minoru Yubuchi
  • Technical Paper
  • 2003-06-0073
Published 2003-05-19 by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in United States
Today, many auto makers and national researchers are interested in the compatibility of standard vehicle crash testing to that of real accident conditions. Current standard tests assume like vehicle-to-vehicle crash events to address the injury or fatality risk to vehicle occupants. Researchers that investigate vehicle-to-vehicle crash tests struggle to understand the relationship between aggressivity and injury measurements compared to those of accident investigation data like FARS and NASS GES. Such tests, however, can be simulated with finite element methods to re-enact real accident conditions to predict detailed vehicle measurements in order to make study structural improvements. In order to understand the nature of compatibility and to facilitate structural improvements, robust parametric studies and structural optimization methodologies can be employed to manage the complex, coupled design parameters and geometric changes.In the past, assembling, executing, managing and interpreting the results has prevented this level of parametric study. StudyWizard, developed by Altair Engineering, is a software technology specifically designed to automate and extract meaningful design information from parametric analytical studies. Using StudyWizard, this paper will demonstrate a strong…