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Raj, Kshitiz
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Novel Disc Brake System Leading towards Payload Increment and Maintenance Improvement

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicle Ltd.-Ashesh Anil Shah, Kshitiz Raj
Published 2016-09-18 by SAE International in United States
Brake system for any vehicle plays an important role, as safety comes at highest level, also domestic and international safety norms for commercial vehicles are getting stringent. In current scenario of highly competitive commercial market, Payload advantage comes at peak level in customer demand list, also maintainability plays an important role to make sure least vehicle downtime, linked to customer profitability. Finally, if product has less complexity (reducing no. of parts), then it will provide add on benefit to any organization. Considering these customer oriented perspectives, mainly payload & maintenance, along with regulation compliance. We have proposed new Disc brake system for heavy duty commercial vehicle providing maximum payload benefit, along with enhancement in maintainability. It has also enhanced performance and meeting all legislative criteria at vehicle level.
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Optimization Study of Higher Steering Effort in RH Turn for Commercial Truck

Thapar University-Himanshu Gambhir
VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd-Anand Deshpande, Kshitiz Raj, Satish Kumar
Published 2015-09-29 by SAE International in United States
Low steering effort is the basic requisite to proffer driver with drive comfort and easy maneuverability on turns. Various components in steering and suspension system play a vital role in determining the steering effort of vehicle. The discussion has been emphasized on static steering effort i.e. when vehicle is stationary and wheels are turned from lock to lock position.There are various factors which affect the steering effort of a vehicle. Following are the high priority factors: 1Steering Geometry.2Tyre static friction torque.3Friction among the steering linkages.In this paper, the crucial factors which lead to difference in steering effort of RH and LH turn have been discussed in detail.The Ackerman linkages have been optimized to show that the effective lengths of track arms along with pitman arm and steering arm for a specific turn angle is not the sole reason for difference in steering effort but the acceleration of linkages also play a vital role in this phenomenon. Acceleration analysis is used as a new technique to analyze the variation in steering effort among RH and LH…
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