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Oguri, Yasuhumi
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An Improvement of a Small Displacement Engine's Efficiency with a Super Charging System

Sophia Univ.-Changjoo Ahn, Takashi Suzuki, Yasuhumi Oguri, Hiroki Toshitani, Tatsuyoshi Nakahuku, Yusuke Nakano
Published 2011-11-08 by Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan in Japan
1Many environmental problems, such as global warming, drain of fuel and so on, are apprehended in all over the world today, and down-sizing is one of the wise ways to deal with these problems. It is significant that a decrease of the engine power must not be produced by using a small displacement engine, so more efficient engine system should be designed to increase the torque with a little fuel.This study achieves an improvement of efficiency for mounting the super charging system on the small displacement engine. As a result, comparing a super charged engine and a naturally aspirated one to drive the same course and laps, fuel consumptions are 2547 [cc] and 3880 [cc], respectively, and an improvement of fuel consumption is 52%.Designing points to mount super charging system is introduced below. 1It can be forecasted that intake air blow-by gas at the combustion chamber is increased in low engine speed because engine for motor cycle is used. Therefore, the valve timing (cam profile) is changed.2Stress analysis and fluid flow analysis were done for…
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Improvement of Middle Engine Speed Torque By Using Resonance Effect For Restricted 600cc Four-Stroke Engine

Sophia University-Makoto Ito, Hiroyuki Yano, Yasuhumi Oguri, Takashi Suzuki
  • Technical Paper
  • 2007-32-0115
Published 2007-10-30 by Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan in Japan
This research focuses on the improvement of torque at the middle engine speed of a motorcycle engine with resonance supercharging. The resonance supercharging intake system is realized with a simple modification to the intake collector geometry. A one-dimensional computational model is employed to simulate the pressure wave propagation and to optimize the configuration of it. The experiments confirmed the increase in the engine torque for the entire operation range and the maximum gain of 33% was achieved at 8500rpm. The resonance effect is further investigated through three-dimensional simulation, in which the intake airflow rate, static pressure distribution are analyzed.
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