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Kumbhar, A. A.
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Development of New Gadget for Getting Better Fuel Economy for Two-Wheeler - Mileage Maximiser

Kinetic Motor Company Limited, Pune, India-A. M. Shirolkar, A. A. Kumbhar, U. W. Gadgil
Published 2003-01-18 by The Automotive Research Association of India in India
Fuel Economy is one of the major criterions for selecting two-wheeler in India. All vehicle manufacturers aim to give maximum attention for achieving better fuel economy while deciding engine and vehicle parameters like good driveability, pick-up, power and low emissions, etc.When all the parameters are designed and manufactured accordingly, it all depends on how the rider uses the capabilities of vehicle for his use. Fuel economy of the vehicle greatly depends on the driving pattern, especially if the vehicle is with variomatic transmission.Every engine has got the specific operating speed band in which it delivers maximum fuel economy. The vehicle speed corresponding to this engine speed band is economical speed zone. Hence if a vehicle is driven in that zone, then only maximum fuel efficiency is achieved.To get the optimum fuel economy from a given vehicle, to the vehicle's optimum capability, a gadget was designed called “Mileage Maximizer” (“MMx”) which will guide the rider to drive in economical speed zone which will give better fuel economy. With the help of the gadget, significant improvement in…
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Development of New Auto Choke for Indian Carburettor - Two Wheeler Application

Kinetic Motor Co. Ltd., Pune, India-A.M. Shirolkar, A. A. Kumbhar
Published 2001-01-10 by The Automotive Research Association of India in India
‘Auto choke’ concept for two wheeler applications was first introduced in India in 1986. This concept is well accepted and now Indian consumer has started demanding this feature. This is due to the fact that an ‘Auto choke’ with self-start feature eliminates all the hassles of engine starting and it is now just a flick of one button.Although the Indian consumer is demanding this feature, there were certain problems associated with this system, like failure is not easily detectable, unsuitability to available Indian carburettor, high replacement cost, and most importantly localization, which compelled us to take up the development of an alternative system.By considering all these aspects, a new system is designed, developed and implemented in mass production, which will take care of all these problems.In this paper, the functioning of both the systems and development activities are discussed.
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