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Johnson, A.
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Design and performance of energy-absorbing subfloor structures in aerospace applications

German Aerospace Center (DLR)-A. Johnson, D. Kohlgrüber
  • Technical Paper
  • 2000-04-0342
Published 2000-05-09 by Institution of Mechanical Engineers in United Kingdom
Composite elements such as glass or carbon fiber-reinforced tubes in axial crush exhibit high specific energy absorption and a challenge for the engineer is to utilize these properties in structural applications. The paper considers the application of composites in the design of helicopter and aircraft subfloors with a dual function of being structural elements under flight loads, which may be triggered to absorb energy by folding and crushing under crash loads. Examples discussed are an energy- absorbing (EA) floor beam concept for a general aviation aircraft based on sandwich webs with glass and aramid fabric/epoxy face plates and box element core, and a modular helicopter subfloor concept with hybrid carbon/aramid/epoxy beams and cruciform elements. Progress on the development of design tools for these crashworthy structures based on FE simulation is also discussed and simulation results compared with crash test data.

Commercial development of roadside assistance services

ARC Transistance-G. Van Weijen
Automobile Association-A. Johnson
  • Technical Paper
  • 1999-25-0016
Published 1999-06-14 by ISATA - Dusseldorf Trade Fair in United Kingdom
The increasing number of cars, which are travelling internationally within the EU, has led to a significant growth in demand for international roadside assistance services. This increase has caused special problems - and opportunities - for the European automobile clubs - and for the EU. On the one hand, members expect the same level of service when abroad and, on the other, expect everything at a highly competitive price. Different clubs offer different levels of service and service offering. How might these changes be developed - and how might the issues be resolved - and where might the services be further developed?