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Comprehensive Study on Crashes with Pedestrians on Indian Roads

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd-Girikumar Kumaresh
Robert Bosch GmbH-Moennich Joerg, Thomas Lich
Published 2019-01-09 by SAE International in United States
Pedestrian crashes are a major safety concern worldwide, especially in India. About one of every ten traffic-related fatalities in the country is a pedestrian. In 2016 nearly 15,800 pedestrians were killed in India. They were mainly exposed to risk when crossing and walking on the road in urban and rural areas. The aim of the study was to understand the pedestrian behavior on the road and to identify characteristics of pedestrian crashes in India. Many unique behavior was observed like pedestrian crossed half way and stopped in middle of road. Nearly 10% of pedestrians are fatal each year involving in ~5% of overall accidents in India, This study revels every second pedestrian accident occurred while walking and crossing the road straight. An attempt made to evaluate benefit of in vehicle pedestrian safety systems, as an example Car-AEB (Advance Emergency Braking) pedestrian is selected as one of the available technologies and systematic methodology is derived in order to evaluate the benefit of this product.
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Analysis of Non-Police Reported Accidents on Indian Highways

Robert Bosch Eng. & Business Solutions-Girikumar Kumaresh
Robert Bosch GmbH-Moennich Joerg, Thomas Lich, Andreas Georgi
Published 2017-01-10 by SAE International in United States
The official Indian accident statistics show that the number of road accidents and fatalities are one of the highest worldwide. These official statistics provide important facts about the current accident situation. It is suspected that for various reasons not all accidents are reported to the official statistic. This study estimates the degree of underreporting of traffic accidents with casualties in India. In order to get a national overview of the traffic accident situation it is necessary to improve the knowledge about underreported accidents. Therefore, the in-depth accident database of “Road Accident Sampling System India” (RASSI) was analyzed [1]. This project is organized by a consortium that has collected traffic accidents scientifically in four different regions since 2011 on the spot which have been reported either by police or by local hospitals and own patrol by RASSI engineers. Thus, the level of underreporting is researched by comparing data from hospital records and police records in order to estimate the number of accidents which are not documented in official statistics. Based on a number of around 1…
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Behaviour of Car Drivers in Accidents used to Estimate the Benefit of Car Antilock Brake System on Indian Highways

Robert Bosch Eng. & Business Solutions-Girikumar Kumaresh
Robert Bosch GmbH-Thomas Lich, Moennich Joerg
Published 2015-01-14 by SAE International in United States
In the year of 2012 in India the total number of accidents with injuries is registered by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway with 490,383 out of which injured people are 509,667 and fatalities are 138,258 [1]. Nearly 17% of the fatalities are occupants of passenger cars which constitute the second highest contributor for fatal accidents in India [1]. In order to understand the root causes for car accidents in India, Bosch accident research carried out a study based on in-depth accidents collected in India. Apart from other accident contributing factors e.g. infrastructure the driver behaviour and his actions few milliseconds just prior to the crash is an extremely important and a key valuable data for the understanding of accident causation. Further on it supports also the development of modern automotive safety functions. Hence this research was undertaken to evaluate the benefit of the state-of-the art vehicle safety systems known as Antilock Braking System (ABS). Their capabilities are mainly driven by the driver behaviour and support to avoid or mitigate critical driving situations possibly leading…
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