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Ferries, Gary R.
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An Analytical Control Systems Approach to Steering Shudder

Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems-Jarett M. Smith
General Motors-Gary R. Ferries, R. Larry Arbanas
Published 1995-05-01 by SAE International in United States
Historically, power steering shudder, a vibration which occurs while steering a vehicle at low speeds, has been approached with systematic component-swapping experiments. This approach was time consuming and did not necessarily yield satisfactory results. In this paper it is shown that steering shudder can be analytically approached as a control system with a closed-loop limit cycle caused by the interaction of the chassis and the steering system. This approach provides a metric for determining a vehicle's propensity to shudder and allows quick predictions of the results of changing components.The approach is model-based, and incorporates chassis and hydraulic system components. Results obtained from the control systems analysis have been validated by a vehicle study, which showed a strong correlation between subjective evaluations and the stability metric provided by the analysis. The control systems approach has been used to develop robust shudder solutions for a number of vehicle platforms.
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