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Falbo, Luigi
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Knock Mitigation by Means of Coolant Control

Università della Calabria-Diego Perrone, Luigi Falbo, Teresa Castiglione, Sergio Bova
Published 2019-09-09 by SAE International in United States
The possibility to mitigate the knock onset by means of a controlled coolant flow rate is investigated. The study is carried out on a small displacement, N.A. 4-valve per cylinder SI engine. The substitution of the standard belt-driven pump with an electrically driven one allows the variation of the coolant flow rate regardless of engine speed and permits, therefore, the adoption of a controlled coolant flow rate. The first set of experimental tests aims at evaluating the engine operating condition and the coolant flow rate, which are more favorable to the knock onset. Starting from this condition, subsequent experimental tests are carried out for transient engine operating conditions, by varying the coolant flow rates and evaluating, therefore, its effects on cylinder pressure fluctuations. In all the experiments, the spark advance and the equivalence ratio are controlled by the ECU according to the production engine map. The results show that the effects of coolant flow rate on in-cylinder pressure fluctuations are not negligible and the implementation of a predictive controller for the management of the coolant…
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