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Moving Forward Faster: The Mental Evolution from Fake Lean to REAL Lean

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-906
Published 2011-01-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Moving Forward Faster" reveals the deep secrets of Lean management. This provocative and insightful book clearly explains why Lean management, despite its overwhelming advantages over conventional management, has yet to become ubiquitous in organizations. This book presents the key economic, social, political ideas that must diminish or be eliminated, and historical facts that must be understood and acknowledged in order to experience long-term success with Lean management. It will challenge, annoy, frighten, enlighten, frustrate, educate, and enliven readers. Readers will gain a clear picture of how remarkably different Lean leaders’ minds are compared to conventional leaders’ minds. The differences range from great to small and reflect an overall way of thinking that completely upends the norm - for the customer, and for the better. Topics Covered Include: • Economic Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated • Social Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated • Political Ideas that Must Diminish or Be Eliminated • History Reveals Repetition of the Same Mistakes

Real Lean: Unsolved Problems in Lean Management, Vol 6

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-912
Published 2010-10-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean" (Volume Six) shines a bright light on several major unsolved problems in Lean management and also identifies practical countermeasures using creative and original Lean thinking. This final volume of the Real Lean series includes a special interview with the retired CEO of The Wiremold Company, Art Byrne, reflecting on his nearly 30 years of Lean practice. This volume also helps focus the Lean community’s attention on specific areas to work on in order to advance manager’s understanding and practice of Lean management. Topics Covered Include: o Contributed Unsolved Problems o Too Few Lean Companies o Make Lean Simple for Executives o Tired Executives o Short Attention Span o Unchanged Attitudes o Where Are the Lean Economists? o Inadvertently Doing Harm o Thinking Defects o Blind to Blind Spots o Mutant Lean o Crazy Processes, Krazy Managers o Stuck on Zero o Leanpolitik o Lean Without Thinking o Editing Reality o Faulty Ideas Living Large o Putting Lean Into Orbit o Curse of the Change Agent o Progress Without Progressivism o A Centuries-Long Process

Real Lean: Strategies for Lean Management Success, Vol 5

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-911
Published 2010-01-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean" (Volume 5) explains Lean management in ways that hundreds of other books do not. These original and creative works are written for hands-on Lean practitioners. Each volume is thoroughly researched and well documented, and provides an abundance of new information and perspectives to help ensure success with Lean management. This fifth volume of the Real Lean series presents a set of fundamental strategies that will help assure Lean management success. They encourage executives to study Lean management history, analyze the failures of other companies, obtain a clearer view of reality at ground-level, better utilize internal and external human resources, and have greater confidence in their ability to become self-reliant in their Lean journey. Topics Covered Include: Pay Attention to History o Eighteen Principles of Flow Production o Toyota's British Influence o A Message From The Future Learn From Others o The Toyota Half-Way o Toyota's Dénouement o See Reality o Lean Mash-Up o Making Deep Problems Visible Work Together o Free Money, Free Love o Pulling Out Saplings Change Your World o Make…

Real Lean: Learning the Craft of Lean Management, Vol 4

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-910
Published 2008-10-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean" (Volume 4) shows how Lean management is itself a craft that can only be learned as any other craftsman would learn their trade. This unique perspective creates a much clearer impression of what executives need to do in order to become Lean leaders. Their learning must be much deeper than they might have imagined, but the result will be much better than they would have expected. As with prior Volumes of Real Lean, Volume Four emphasizes Lean as a management system and the “Respect for People” principle, because both are so often missing from the practice of Lean management. Topics Covered Include: • Ten Thousand Hours • Learn Lean When Times Are Good • Learning to Think • Let's Stop Making the Same Mistake • Don't Aim Low • The Eighth Waste • The Other Information System • One Step Forward, Eleven Back • The Ethical Management System • Policies for Learning • Eleven Questions • Emiliani's Rules

Real Lean: The Keys to Sustaining Lean Management, Vol 3

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-909
Published 2008-06-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean" (Volume Three) gets into the details of how to sustain the Lean management system. The author takes a deep dive and offers many surprising and even jarring new insights. It shows that the Lean community has, for decades, severely misunderstood and underestimated the challenge of getting executives to adopt Lean management. This volume clearly explains why sustainability is so elusive in ways that have not been examined before, and provides answers to the question of why the "Respect for People" principle is so often missing. It will be a big help to executives preparing for the inevitable challenges associated with sustaining Lean management. Topics Covered Include: • The Long-Wave Current State • Shortcuts to Wealth • Problems, Conflicts, and Costs • Diving to the Bottom • Sharing is Fundamental • We Need Good Students • Sustaining the Lean Management Movement

Practical Lean Leadership: A Strategic Leadership Guide for Executives

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-905
Published 2008-01-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
Practical Lean Leadership is the first book to capture the essence of Lean leadership in ways that are specific and actionable for executives to apply at work every day. It presents innovative and proven approaches to understanding and practicing Lean leadership in an easy-to-follow workbook format. It links Lean principles and tools directly to leadership beliefs and behaviors in new and innovative ways that connect to the realities of the workplace. Senior managers will be inspired by the new approaches to understanding strategic leadership and leadership development contained in this book. Topics covered: • What is Lean Management? • How Lean Leaders Think • A Better Definition of Leadership • Lean Leadership Behaviors • Value Stream Maps as a Leadership Development Tool • What Executives Need to Know About Kaizen • Standardized Work for Executive Leadership • Fifty Errors to Avoid • Visual Control for Lean Leaders • Lean Leader Performance Feedback

Real Lean: Critical Issues and Opportunities in Lean Management, Vol 2

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-908
Published 2007-07-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean" (Volume Two) helps Lean management practitioners gain a greater awareness of the challenges they face when implementing Lean. The second volume builds upon the interesting and informative linkages to historical and long-forgotten perspectives that have contributed to the creation of Lean management as we know it today. The author also provides additional explanation regarding the purposes, advantages, myths, and misinformation surrounding Lean management. Managers will find this book easy to read, amazingly insightful, and filled with practical information that will help them better comprehend and put REAL LEAN into practice every day. Topics Covered Include: • The Persistence of the Current State • The Leadership Problem • Can Lean Exit the Tool Age? • How to Make Lean Last a Long Time • Manage to the Market • “We're Beyond That" • Lean is Not a Theory • Know Your Competition • “It's Overwhelming" • Neglected Opportunities • Accountants and Their Cost Systems • Memo to Finance Executives • Lean Enterprise Estate Planning

Real Lean: Understanding the Lean Management System, Vol 1

Bob Emiliani
  • Book
  • B-907
Published 2007-01-01 by The Center for Lean Business Management, LLC in United States
"Real Lean"(Volume One), explains the purposes, advantages, myths, and misinformation surrounding Lean management. In a lively and engaging style, the author answers the key questions that leaders of organizations have about Lean management. Readers will learn how the two principles of Lean management, "Continuous Improvement" and "Respect for People," work in tandem. It will serve as a practical guide, complete with interesting and informative linkages to historical events and long-forgotten perspectives. This small book will be a big help to leaders who want to improve their understanding and practice of Lean management. Topics Covered Include: • Keep It REAL • Improving Your Lean Transformation • The Great Misunderstanding • Improving Leadership in Lean Business • Creating a Lean Culture • Lean is Music to My Ears • Remembering What Ohno and Shingo Said • Myth-Busting Using Value Stream Maps • The Tragedy of Waste • Too Much Selfish Thinking • Gaining Executive Buy-In for Lean • Jefferson Pilot's Lean Initiative • Lean in Higher Education • Lean Government – Crazy Dream or Absolute Necessity? •…