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Didier, Muriel
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Safe and Pleasurable Human Machine Interfaces for Automobile

Darmstadt University of Technology-Ralph Bruder, Bettina Abendroth, Muriel Didier, Michael Schreiber, Margeritta von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff
  • Technical Paper
  • 2008-21-0005
Published 2008-10-20 by Convergence Transportation Electronics Association in United States
As a consequence of the integration of additional systems to support and entertain drivers and passengers the interactions with those systems become more and more time consuming and distracting. It is therefore a basic requirement for the design of Human Machine-Interfaces to minimize the distraction from driving when interacting with those new assistance and entertainment systems. Whereas the safety is a Must-be for the design of HMI for automobiles the joy-of-use is an important aspect for the excitement of drivers. To fulfil the sometimes conflicting demands for safety and pleasure a human centred design approach for HMI design is needed.
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Attached Pressurized Module (APM) Outfitting Complements to Fit the Crew and Their Needs

ESA-ESTEC-Muriel Didier
Eurocolumbus-Simona Ferraris, Giorgio Musso
Published 1994-06-01 by SAE International in United States
APM outfitting complements can be defined as the equipment needed daily, for the crew to perform nominal tasks, this equipment not being part of the structure.As such, their utilization is the major guideline for the design and they must be considered at system level in order to evaluate all aspects of the situation. For example, the APM configuration will change from launch to completion. What are the consequences for the utilization and design of APM outfitting complements?In order to help the design of APM outfitting complements and to get a better understanding of their utilization for nominal operations, many of them have been tested in Europe in Parabolic Flights or in Neutral Buoyancy Tests. Among others, crew restraints (banister, foot restraints), equipment restraints (tether, velcro, tool box…), seat-track as common interface, and the concept of removable equipment have been tested and indeed interesting and surprising conclusions have been drawn.This paper will show how a clear identification of the crew needs completed by some testing can drastically modify the original assumptions and in many cases lighten…
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Restraints as an Important Aspect of Habitability

ESA/ESTEC-COLUMBUS PROJECT-MAF AG Noordwijk, Netherlands-Muriel Didier
Published 1991-07-01 by SAE International in United States
One of the characteristics of the space environment is the micro-gravity that influences the human physiology but also the activity of the human acting in this environment. Since every object, also the human, is “floating” around in a space station, some objects might become projectiles and the performance of human might be reduced (i.e. lack of precision). It might end as a safety issue.In the past different concepts have been designed and tested as the “triangle shoes” or the handrails but there are still some improvements to be done.Two other concepts have been tested in ESA: one is based on the velcro concept but using a stronger material(polymer velcro), the other one being a tie down device fixed to rails on the floor.Those systems were trying to fullfill the walking requirements and at this stage of development shall still be improved before judging definitively their efficiency.The major difficulty with restraints being that their characteristics depend on the type of task to be performed but on the other hand a unique type of foot restraints shall…
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