Industry Experts Answer Your Questions About Powertrains

During a series of live presentations on Tech Briefs, industry experts answered attendee questions about powertrains. Two of the questions:

  • How do you see the breakdown of powertrains in 2020?
  • How do you automate data analysis of powertrains?

Tech Briefs speaker Anjelica Warren, a Product Marketing Manager at National Instruments, told readers about her time working with Jaguar Land Rover – specifically, how NI helped to streamline the large amounts of data coming in from the automotive company’s powertrains group.

There was a time when the R&D powertrains group at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) would log up to 500 GB of data per day.

How do you begin to sift through such a large number of files? Warren reviewed ways to spend less time analyzing data and creating reports.

Powertrains and Data Analysis

Whenever you can, there's always a great benefit in being able to analyze your data inline,” Warren said. “That way, once your data is saved to disk, you have captured only the most important information that you need.”

In the Tech Briefs response, the NI Manager also reviewed the scenarios where you can make post-processing more efficient.

Learn the analysis and automation tools that will save you time, and keep you from analyzing logs of powertrain data by hand.

Before implementing a solution, the powertrains group at Jaguar Land Rover was analyzing the logs manually; the JLR group found that, after they created an automated analysis and reporting scheme, they could implement the same post-processing – twenty times faster.

“You want to look for the ability to include custom algorithms,” said Warren. “If there is analysis that you've already created, looking for open solutions that give you the ability to take advantage of things you've already developed can also save you time.

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A Breakdown on Powertrains

Today's vehicles feature traditional internal combustion engines, hybrid, plugin, and electric drivetrains. OEMs must continue to create multiple powertrain designs to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands.

In a 2017 webinar presentation, titled “The Powertrain Revolution,” a Tech Briefs attendee asked Sirisha Lavu, Product Manager at the power-systems manufacturer TE Connectivity:

"How do you see the breakdown of powertrains in 2020?"

It will still be a mix, said Lavu.

“It will not be a completely electric powertrain; it could be more of a plug-in situation,” said the Product Manager.

There is still some anxiety that consumer will need to overcome, but plug-in hybrids will be the powertrain of choice, according to Lavu.

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