Euro II Calibration of Direct Injection SCIP™ Technology on 50 cc Two-stroke Two-wheelers



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The relative contribution of two wheelers to local atmosphere pollution is increasing more and more due to ultra low emissions regulation applied to other vehicle as cars. In 1999, the first European emissions regulations for 50cc mopeds and scooters appeared (Euro I) and will also become more and more severe by the time. Euro II (2002) level will correspond to the next step.
IFP has developed a simplified Direct Injection technology, named SCIP™, derived from the well known IAPAC® technology without the need of additional camshaft. This technology has been integrated with the MC500 Engine Management System developed by SAGEM for the growing 2-wheelers application. The final simple and cheap product is therefore well adapted to small displacement 2-stroke engines as 50cc engine for 2-wheelers application.
This paper presents the development of a 50 cc scooter engine using SCIP™ technology and the calibration of the MC500 System to achieve Euro II regulation. The very low emissions level required for Euro II is achieved by combining SCIP with a small oxidation catalyst converter, although there is no need for Euro I. Achieved results are a reduction in CO reaching 70% below Euro II level, more than 30% margin on HC + NOx level and a fuel consumption close to 2 liters/100km (25 to 40 % improvement compared to conventional carbureted 50 cc 2-stroke mopeds).
Compared to its 4-stroke counterpart technology (which will also become more and more sophisticated to meet future stringent emissions regulations), the Direct Injection 2-stroke technology is therefore an efficient and cost-effective way of meeting future European regulations while keeping the 2-stroke engine intrinsic advantages of simplicity, compactness and high specific power.
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LECOINTE, B., LAVY, J., DURET, P., SINDANO, H. et al., "Euro II Calibration of Direct Injection SCIP™ Technology on 50 cc Two-stroke Two-wheelers," SAE Technical Paper 2001-01-1784, 2001,
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Dec 1, 2001
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