Effective way to eliminate and reduce Brake Judder issue during combined cornering & braking event in the SUV


To be published on 09/08/2024

Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 42nd Annual
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Brake judder is a forced vibration problem occurring during combined cornering& braking events. The vibration frequency is directly proportional to the revolution speed of the wheel and therefore also to the velocity of the vehicle. In the higher frequency range, the structural vibrations are accompanied by a sound. Furthermore, a specific type of judder, so-called hot judder, is related to disc cracking. The driver experiences judder as vibrations in the steering wheel, brake pedal and floor. The brake judder is caused by uneven and local touching of brake pad with rotating disc. One of the primary reasons for this is the lateral deflection of the brake disc with respect to the caliper due to lateral or vertical load variations. If the brake caliper is mounted above the axle horizontal center line, then the judder increases further. When confronting an inexperienced driver for the first time, it was found that Brake Judder issue lead to the faulty reactions and reduced driving safety which penetrates the need to address this concern with complete attention. In the present work, author intend to summarize the methodology to reduce or eliminate the Brake Judder issue by improving lateral stiffness of wheel hub bearing and further reduce the acting bending moment on wheel hub bearing, to enhance the driving experience with added safety in the vehicles, sup-ported with complete analysis and findings. The effectiveness of the methodology is confirmed by comparing the results of the tested Brake Pad and Brake disc scoring along with Metal Pick-up (MPU
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Thomas, J., Deivasigamani Purushothaman, B., Singh, R., Sundaram, R. et al., "Effective way to eliminate and reduce Brake Judder issue during combined cornering & braking event in the SUV," SAE Technical Paper 2024-01-3048, 2024, .
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To be published on Sep 8, 2024
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