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One of the key challenges that Komatsu and NVIDIA face is monitoring real-time data of workers and heavy machinery on the job site. (image: Komatsu)


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2017-01-1966 | 2017-09-23
Journal Article
Knowledge of intelligent vehicle absolute position is a vital premise for the implementation of decision programming, kinematic and dynamics control. In order to achieve high accuracy positioning and reduce running cost as much as possible under all operating conditions, this paper proposed an in…
2017-01-2275 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
In order to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations and reduce fuel consumption, development of modern powertrain is becoming more complicated, combining many advanced technologies. Gasoline engine downsizing is already established as a proven technology to reduce vehicle fleet CO2 emiss…
2017-01-2307 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
Lift-off length is defined as the distance from injector hole to the location where flame stabilized on a high injection pressure direct injection (DI) diesel spray. In this paper we used the high-speed (40 kHz) Schlieren and time-averaged OH chemiluminescence imaging technique to simultaneously …
2017-01-2414 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
The new Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) engine, an evolution of the 2.3L 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine from Saab, was designed, built, and tested with close collaboration between BAIC Motor Powertrain Co., Ltd. and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®). The upgraded engine…
2017-24-0021 | 2017-09-04
Journal Article
One of the key technologies for the improvement of the diesel engine thermal efficiency is the reduction of the engine heat transfer through the thermal insulation of the combustion chamber. This paper presents a numerical investigation on the effects of the combustion chamber insulation on the h…

In The News

Despite the fact that Porsche still doesn’t have an all-electric vehicle on the market, the German automaker made it clear that they are all-in on the electrification of their lineup.
Electrek | 2018-02-15
Engine manufacturer Greaves Cotton announced the launch of two new powertrain solutions at the Auto Expo 2018. Both these solutions offer class-leading fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, addressing the growing alternative fuel segment and the emerging electric vehicle segment, the company said in a statement. It also showcased BS-VI ready versions of its diesel and CNG powertrains, which it currently supplied to over 30 OEMs in the three-wheeler and micro four-wheeler segments. It displayed an all-new family of multi-cylinder turbo-charged intercooled engines, which are BSVI compliant.
Steel Guru | 2018-02-15
Powertrain Market Report provides a comprehensive overview including Current scenario and the future growth prospects. The Powertrain market report analyzes the various factors and trends in forthcoming years and key factors behind the growth and demand of this market is analyzed detailed in this report.
Digital Journal | 2018-02-13
Whether it’s CO2 or NOx and PM, regulators around the world are cracking down on emissions. Exactly how the industry reaches a cleaner future remains to be seen. Dodgy diesel emissions testing once again dominates the headlines, as do OEM concerns about a lack of consumer interest in electrification….
AW | 2018-02-12
SEOUL -- General Motors and South Korean authorities are headed toward a standoff as the automaker plans to shut one plant amid mounting losses.
Auto News | 2018-02-13