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Editor's Picks

2017-01-1756 | 2017-06-05
Journal Article
This paper presents a systematic approach to interior engine sound design for enhancing sound character of car interior sound effectively. Nowadays an active noise control technology is widely used in vehicle industry. Particularly, an active sound design (ASD) technique using vehicle’s audio sys…
2017-01-2275 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
In order to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations and reduce fuel consumption, development of modern powertrain is becoming more complicated, combining many advanced technologies. Gasoline engine downsizing is already established as a proven technology to reduce vehicle fleet CO2 emiss…
2017-01-2307 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
Lift-off length is defined as the distance from injector hole to the location where flame stabilized on a high injection pressure direct injection (DI) diesel spray. In this paper we used the high-speed (40 kHz) Schlieren and time-averaged OH chemiluminescence imaging technique to simultaneously …
2017-01-2414 | 2017-10-08
Technical Paper
The new Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) engine, an evolution of the 2.3L 4-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine from Saab, was designed, built, and tested with close collaboration between BAIC Motor Powertrain Co., Ltd. and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®). The upgraded engine…
2017-24-0021 | 2017-09-04
Journal Article
One of the key technologies for the improvement of the diesel engine thermal efficiency is the reduction of the engine heat transfer through the thermal insulation of the combustion chamber. This paper presents a numerical investigation on the effects of the combustion chamber insulation on the h…

In The News

Powertrain electric
The environmental and ethical credentials of electric vehicles are being questioned due to the way some of the raw materials used in their manufacture are produced.

As the march towards mass-market take-up of electric vehicles continues, there is a growing focus on the sustainability of the raw materials used in the EV and battery supply chain, such as copper, nickel, cobalt and lithium. 

Auto Logistics | 2018-06-14
Continental has opened its third R&D facility in Singapore. The new seven-story building has a floor space of approximately 11,000m² and will incorporate the interior and powertrain divisions. Conti plans to hire more than 500 employees there in the next few years.

“Our presence in Asia has grown significantly. In 2017 we made 22% of our total sales in the region. The opening of our third R&D building in Singapore attests to our confidence in, and commitment to, Singapore as a strategic location to expand our research and development centers in Asia. With the new building designed to foster innovation, [and]inclusiveness, we are ready for the future. We will be hiring more engineers with the relevant competencies and knowledge to ride the growth and demand for new technologies in the industry,” said Helmut Matschi, member of the Continental executive board and head of the interior division.
Auto Testing Tech | 2018-06-13
The New Hyundai Tucson will be equipped with a 48V mild-hybrid powertrain. It is the first model in the company’s line-up to offer the new technology.

For the first time in a Hyundai, the New Tucson will feature a 48V mild-hybrid powertrain system in combination with a 2.0-liter diesel engine. The electrification technology comprises a 0.44 kW/h 48V lithium-ion battery, a mild-hybrid starter generator (MHSG), a low-voltage DC/DC converter and an inverter.
ETI | 2018-06-14
Bosch powertrain image
TURIN – Tumbling diesel sales in Europe do not signal a grim future for the technology, General Motors powertrain executive Pierpaolo Antonioli said, citing new evidence suggesting nitrogen oxide emissions can be cut to an absolute minimum.
Auto News | 2018-06-08
Daimler Trucks is establishing a global organisation for e-mobility in its commercial vehicles, including a new leadership function. Daimler Trucks has also presented two new, fully-electric trucks for new freight truck applications from Freightliner, its main US truck brand.
Just Auto | 2018-06-07