Subscription Management: Administration Portal

As the customer administrator you are the key point of contact with SAE International’s Sales, Product Management, and Technical Support teams. Our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to ensure your users are delighted with SAE MOBILUS
The Administrator tools are available in the SAE MOBILUS “Dashboard”, and require you to register for a free account.   It is easy to determine if you are an Administrator on the account once you login to the Dashboard.  On the Welcome screen, an Administrator icon will be one of the available options as shown in the image below.

If you are not an administrator, please contact your SAE Representative.

From the Administrator screen, you will be able to easily manage all subscriptions by using the drop down to select the subscription that you would like to manage.  Both active and inactive subscriptions are available.

Subscription Management Options


Selecting the “Reports” card provides access to the current and historical COUNTER standard content usage summary reports. There is a card for COUNTER 4 reports, and a separate card for the COUNTER 3 Historical Reports.

COUNTER 4 provides online usage data regarding the collections that you have subscribed to and have access to in the SAE MOBILUS® platform. The data has been provided in both CSV and SUSHI XML format. A link to the COUNTER Release 4 Code of Practice which provides additional details about the usage data is provided for your convenience.
Please note, the COUNTER 3 Historical reports will no longer be offered after December 31, 2018.


Additional details about the current subscription being viewed, and the collections within the subscription are available from the “Subscription Card”.  The top-level Subscription card provides the start and end date of the subscription, along with information about which platform features are currently accessible to individuals that use the subscription.  Use the “REQUEST CHANGE” button to complete a simple form that will be sent to your SAE Representative asking changes to be made to the subscription.  Such changes could include turning a feature on, adding a collection, or a subscription renewal.

The “VIEW COLLECTIONS” button, depending on the subscription you are currently managing, will open two additional cards:
  • Subscription Collections: The subscription collection card will list all collections that comprise the subscription.  Special features available in a collection, like 2D/3D, will be highlighted along with whether the feature is turned on and available to users, or turned off.  Again, a “REQUEST CHANGE” button is available that allows you to request your SAE Representative to make desired changes.
  • Metered Subscription: If a metered subscription is available, using the “VIEW DOWNLOAD LIST” button will provide a list of all publications that have been downloaded.


Not sure who is an administrator on a subscription?  The Administrator card will provide basic information on all administrators that are assigned to a subscription.   The administrators listed will be individuals assigned from your company as an administrator, and also SAE Representatives, such as your account manager. These administrators receive automated email communications from SAE technical support when a usage alert occurs on a subscription.

When available, the administrator email and phone number are listed.  Use the available “REQUEST ADMINISTRATOR” button to add or request the removal of administrators on the subscription. You may request to add as many administrators as you need to a subscription.


The “Authentication Card” provides the current authentication process that is available on the subscription.  Your subscription may be using one authentication process, or multiple.  Use the “VIEW DETAILS” option to see additional information.

Each card available will either be active, which means that the subscription is currently using the selected authentication option, or inactive, in which the authentication option is not being utilized but can be requested. Each card has options to view details or request the authentication option to be turned on by your SAE Sales representative.
The available Authentication cards are:
  • Manage IP Addresses:  If IP authentication is established, use this card to view a list of the IP addresses including the range, CIDR, and the current status of the listed IP address.  Easily export a list of the IP addresses using the “EXPORT IP ADDRESS” button or request changes using the “REQUEST CHANGE” button to complete a short form that will be sent to your SAE Representative. If you are not using IP Authentication, the option to request this functionality will be available.
  •  Blind URL: If Blind URL is applied to the subscription, the option to “COPY BLIND URL” and Renew “BLIND URL” are available.  Some corporations like to renew their Blind URL every few months for security reasons. If you renew the Blind URL, be sure to update any internal documentation and users that the URL has been updated.  This can easily be accomplished by using the “COPY BLIND URL” option. Again, if Blind URL is not setup, a request option will be available.
  • Single-Sign-On: Institutional access through an Identity federation is available by selecting this authentication option. In addition, establishing SAE as an SSO provider is available. Please contact your administrator.

Search Preferences:

The “Search Preference Card” allows you the ability to set default search preference settings for all users of a subscription on the SAE MOBILUS® platform.   Before applying default settings, we advise notifying users that the changes have been applied.

Default Filter Options: Select the filters that you want applied automatically for your users when they search SAE MOBILUS

  • My Access: Use this option to default the search results to only show content that is available in your subscription and that your users have full access to or apart of the SAE Mobilus complimentary content.  While this option only shows content that your users have full access to, it also limits them from viewing other publications that may be available to solve their research goals
  • Full Text: The Full Text option will only show search results that have the full text available.  Please note that there is a wealth of resources in SAE Mobilus, such as training courses, that will not be visible once the Full Text option is selected.

Search Result Display Options: Select the default search result options for all users 

  • Search Result Display:  Restrict whether the abstract and author/affiliation information appears in each search result.  
    Results Per Page:  Determine the number of pages of results that are available for users.  


The Promote SAE MOBILUScard was designed with you, the Administrator in mind. This area of the Administrator portal offers resources that you are able to download for distribution, post to your intranet or use electronically.
  •  Informational Flyer - Professional: SAE MOBILUS informational flyer that is customizable for your organization.  Intended audience is corporate professionals.     
  • Informational Flyer – Academic: SAE MOBILUS informational flyer that is customizable for your organization.  Intended audience is academics.   
  • Table Tent Card: SAE MOBILUS printable table tent card. This card is customizable and allows you to enter your unique authentication and URL.      
  • Knowledge Hubs: This one-page flyer provides valuable information regarding the SAE MOBILUS Knowledge Hubs.     
  • SAE MOBILUS Video: The SAE MOBILUS video offers an overview of the platform and its features.     
  • SAE MOBILUS Search Widget:  Start your SAE MOBILUS search quickly and easily from your internal intranet site. The created search box will take your users to the SAE MOBILUS search results where they can refine their search further by using the available filters and facets.